SW Oregon Police Are Looking for Poachers Who Murdered Two Bears and Hung Them From Trees

Poachers: The Oregon State Police are looking for whoever killed two black bears in Southwest Oregon in October.

Oregon Police Are Looking for Poachers Who Murdered Two Bears

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife stated in a statement released on Thursday that on October 29, a black bear was found in a tree with an arrow sticking out of its breast. The female black bear, weighing around 275 pounds, was found dead approximately 6 miles north of Ashland, in a pine tree about 40 feet off Anderson Creek Road near Talent.

The bear had been shot three times with firearms and once with a bow and arrow, according to the investigation. Someone shot the animal, and then “left it to die.”

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Pictured is a state trooper, dressed all in black from his cap down to the soles of his shoes, standing next to the dead body of a black bear. A bear is dangling from a foothold, an arrow sticking out of its breast.

SW Oregon Police Are Looking for Poachers Who Murdered Two Bears
SW Oregon Police Are Looking for Poachers Who Murdered Two Bears

The next day, another bear’s body was discovered in a neighboring tree; it had also been unlawfully shot. The second bear’s body was “badly decayed and scavenged,” so Oregon state police decided to leave it on the tree.

“This is probably not a case of people just having difficulties with bears, but a case of needless slaughter,” said Derek Broman, the carnivore coordinator for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. That someone would do such a thing is a slap in the face to the people who have worked so hard to study and manage bears in Oregon.

Broman estimates that there are 34,000 bears roaming the state.

When the seasons change, black bear hunting is permitted with certain restrictions. Hunters in the state of Oregon are restricted to taking down a single bear each day during the state’s designated autumn hunting season and must report their kills to the state’s fish and wildlife agency. Both bears were discovered on October 29, although investigators did not specify whether or not they determined that they were murdered on the same day.

Sara Stilwell, a representative from the state department’s wildlife division, said that hunters who kill a bear are required to schedule an appointment with ODFW so that the bear’s skull can be checked and marked at a local field office. This is because the wildlife agency tracks bear mortality in the state.

If you have any information concerning the bear kills, please contact the Oregon State Police at 1-800-452-7888, extension 677, or through email at TIP@osp.oregon.gov.

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An unlawful killing of a GPS-collared male grey wolf was discovered on October 6 at Upper Klamath Lake, around 70 miles east of Ashland, many weeks before the two bears were discovered. On Thursday, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service said that it was offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

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