Oregon Participates To $10 Billion In Fresh Opioids Financial Settlements With Pharmacists

Opioids Financial Settlements: According to the Attorney General of Oregon, the state will get more than $173 million from $13.7 billion in settlements from nationwide cases including Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens.

Oregon Participates To $10 Billion In Fresh Opioids Financial Settlements

Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum of Oregon and several state attorneys general from throughout the nation today announced a federal agreement with CVS and Walgreens for the activities of their pharmacies to support the opioid crisis in the United States.

According to Rosenblum’s office, Walgreens runs the second-biggest drugstore chain in the United States, while CVS runs the largest. According to the article, the settlement agreements call for CVS to pay $5 billion and Walgreens to pay $5.7 billion for a combined total of $10.7 billion, subject to the approval of a specific number of states.

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Says Rosenblum, “In the chain of distribution that led to the worst drug-related public health disaster in contemporary America, pharmacies played a significant role. This may sound like a substantial sum of moneyβ€”and it isβ€”but it hardly touches the surface of the damage wrought by America’s top drugstore companies.”

Oregon Participates To $10 Billion In Fresh Opioids Financial Settlements
Oregon Participates To $10 Billion In Fresh Opioids Financial Settlements

The $3 billion settlement with Walmart announced last month will be added to the scheduled settlements of today. According to Rosenblum, all states have until the end of 2022 to join the Walmart settlement, which Oregon has already done.

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To maximize the amount of money the state will receive, according to Rosenblum, each of these agreements must have the support of Oregon’s counties and cities. According to the settlements with CVS ($65,430,000), Walgreens ($70,860,000), and Walmart ($36,860,000), Oregon “stands to receive up to $173,150,000 over time.”

She claims, “Simply put, corporate greed has caused too many deaths and destroyed families, and pharmacies are not exempt. Americans put their faith in their pharmacist and most definitely do not anticipate it harming them. I’m grateful that every county and city in Oregon voted in favor of our earlier agreements with Johnson & Johnson and the three main opioid distributors. For Oregon to earn the most money possible, I hope they will also agree to these agreements.”

Along with the monetary settlements, CVS and Walgreens also consented to a court-ordered injunctive remedy requirement that their pharmacies track, disclose, and exchange information regarding any suspicious behavior involving opioid prescriptions. According to Rosenblum, this court-ordered injunctive action will aid in preventing another situation similar to this one.

The Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS agreements will be sent to local governments across the nation for sign-on during the first quarter of 2023 because “a sufficient percentage of states and local governments must join the settlements for them to go into effect,” according to her office. Each state has until the end of 2022 to join.

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According to Rosenblum’s office, payments for Walgreens and Walmart will start in the second half of 2023, while payments for CVS and Walgreens will be made over a 10-year period. If there is sufficient sign-on, payments for Walmart would start in the first year.

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