Tony Beets Net Worth: How Rich Is He As A Gold Miner Runner?

Tony Beets Net Worth: Tony Beets is a miner and reality TV star. He came into the limelight by appearing in t discovery channel’s most popular show “Gold Rush”.

Tony is a “maverick mining legend” and “a larger-than-life Dutchman who oversees one of the biggest businesses in the Klondike,” according to the official “Gold Rush” website. Beets have been dubbed “Tony Peep” in his native New York because of his propensity for using foul language, which has led to frequent censorship of his lines on the program.

People are curious to know about Tony BeetsΒ Net Worth, early life, career, and personal life. If you are interested to know, stay with us until the end of the article.

Tony Beets Net Worth

Tony Beets net worth is around $15 million. She earned money from her profession as a reality tv star. Tony Beets net worth is also increasing by his side business.

Tony Beets Early Life

Canadian-born Dutch miner Tony Beets was born on December 15, 1959, in Wijdenes. Still, we don’t have more information about his previous life. We hope, it will be updated in the future.

Tony Beets Career

Tony made a living for his family by milking cows for a long time, but he eventually moved to Canada in pursuit of more promising employment prospects. Beets spent three years working in construction before beginning his mining career in 1984 in Dawson City, Yukon Territory.

He is currently the manager of the Tamarack Mine and is well-known in the community for often employing youngsters. Many people aren’t cut out for this kind of work, but those who succeed become vital members of the Beets team and extended family. You can also read about Shania Twain Net Worth.

Tony Beets Career
Tony Beets Career

When Tony first appeared in the second season of “Gold Rush,” he was giving drill test advice to cast member Todd Hoffman. In addition to “Gold Fever,” 2013 documentary miniseries, Beets has appeared in “Gold Rush: South America,” “Gold Rush: Pay Dirt,” “Gold Rush: White Water,” and “Gold Rush: The Dirt” (2013-2020).

Beets have been featured in more than 160 episodes of “Gold Rush” as of this writing. He spent $1 million on the Clear Creek dredge (named the Viking Dredge) in season five of the show. You can check Ashanti Net Worth.

Tony Beets Personal Life

Tony’s personal life began when he and his future wife, Minnie, were kids. Two people who grew up next door to one other in Burgwerd, Friesland in the ’70s and ’80s eventually fell in love and started a family together. After dating for 18 months, Tony proposed to Minnie and she accepted his offer to come to Canada.

Tony was 24 when he wed Minnie, and they now have four children: Kevin, Monica, Mike, and Bianca. A daughter, Jasmine, was also born to them, but she passed away prematurely in 1992, at the age of two and a half months.

Minnie is in charge of the business’s paperwork and finances, and all of the Beets children work for the company. Beets supposedly has a Mercedes convertible worth around $145,000, and Tony and Minnie possess a holiday house in Arizona.

One of Tony’s workers doused his dredge pond with gasoline and set it on fire in a 2015 episode of “Gold Rush,” landing Tony in a heap of trouble. The employee who spilled the gasoline was fined $1,725 for violating the Yukon Waters Act, which he violated by performing a “Viking baptism.” You should read about Kelly Clarkson Net Worth.


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