Oregon High School Student Advocates For Lowering The Voting Age

Lowering The Voting Age: With the help of Oregon legislators, a McKenzie High School junior has introduced a measure that would decrease the voting age to 16.

McKenzie River Community School student Devon Lawson thinks reducing the voting age would be beneficial in many ways. Promoting civic involvement, voting turnout, and education are all part of this larger strategy.

Oregon High School Student Advocates For Lowering The Voting Age

Lawson said, “I started to question, ‘Can 16 and 17-year-olds vote, and why can’t they?'” “I believe it’s vital that we dig into it and do the research and decide for ourselves,” Lawson added.

Lawson has mentioned that his mother is the driving force behind his desire to see this transformation.

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“My mum always encouraged me that I should stand up for myself,” Lawson added.

Lawson’s involvement in political campaigns and student government dates back to his early years. This time, though, he decided to go all in, putting his words into action by introducing legislation to decrease the voting age in Oregon from 18 to 16.

I thought it was incredibly fascinating after doing a lot of research and interacting with groups like Vote16USA and Next Up Oregon, so I contacted Rep. Rob Nosse to push it forward, and he agreed to do that,” Lawson said.

With the help of the Legislative Counsel Office, Lawson swiftly obtained a preliminary version of the bill.

Lawson said that people in the affected areas should contact their representatives to explain their position on the issue.

However, some residents, including Jill Duclos, think that you’re too young to vote at 16.

Though some 16-year-olds are becoming increasingly involved with where we are, Duclos believes that the legal age should remain at 18.

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Wyden has stated his belief that increasing youth participation in government and civics is crucial, saying, “I haven’t seen this specific concept, but I believe it’s very vital.”

As he waits for a decision to be made, Lawson will keep spreading the word.

As Lawson put it, “I hope our community does the same if it passes, and I hope the legislators will look at the facts as they are, scrupulously but also skeptically.”

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