Doctors In Oregon Are Urging Residents To Once Again Wear Masks

Wear Masks: Hospitals are in crisis mode due to the number of RSV and flu cases, therefore doctors and government authorities are urging people to start wearing masks again inside.

Doctors In Oregon Are Urging Residents To Once Again Wear Masks

The medical director of the pediatric critical care unit at Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel, Wendy Hasson, has stated that “anytime you have to travel to an indoor congested environment during this surge,” masks should be worn by both the patient and their accompanying adult. Anything you can do to keep your kid out of a crowded indoor setting is helpful right now, so avoid indoor birthday parties, play areas, restaurants, and grocery shops.

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On Thursday, Oregon Health Authority‘s COVID-19 media briefing centered on the burden respiratory infections are placing on hospitals. Hasson and three other physicians joined state epidemiologist Dean Sidelinger for the event.

As far as the healthcare industry is concerned, Governor Brown’s recent executive order is too little, too late.
As Sidelinger put it, the crisis at Oregon’s hospitals is “very severe.”

Doctors In Oregon Are Urging Residents To Once Again Wear Masks
Doctors In Oregon Are Urging Residents To Once Again Wear Masks

Just as our children’s hospitals have adopted crisis care standards in the previous two weeks, so too are many hospitals now nearing a crisis point in their adult bed capacity, he noted. “Hospitals are exceeding their existing ICU bed capacity due to the rising number of flu, RSV, and COVID-19 cases,” which is something that never happened even during the worst days of the COVID-19 epidemic in Oregon.

Sidelinger also urged Oregonians to re-wear their masks if they enter a busy building.

The best way to ensure the safety of our loved ones and our neighbors is one that we know works. Wear a mask while you’re in crowded indoor settings this winter and remain up to date on your vaccinations,” Sidelinger added. In other words, masks do what they’re supposed to do.

More Oregonians than in any other state donned face masks during the peak of the 2009 COVID-19 outbreak. The mortality toll in Oregon from COVID-19 was one of the lowest in the country. None of our hospitals ever reached capacity. To top it all off, we ended up saving almost five thousand lives.

The same might be said by OHSU’s senior associate chief medical officer, Dr. Matthias Merkel.

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“By all means, don’t go out in public without a mask,” he said. In order to avoid being the next patient in one of our completely filled emergency rooms waiting for the next available ICU bed, it is highly recommended that you receive all of the recommended vaccinations.

In case you missed it, the whole media briefing was uploaded to the OHA’s YouTube channel and may be seen using the button above.

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