Klamath River Dam Removal Celebrated By Governor Brown And The Secretary Of The Interior

Klamath River Dam Removal: Kate Brown, the Governor of Oregon, became a citizen of the United States. Thursday’s gathering commemorating the dismantling of the world’s biggest dam along the Klamath River was attended by Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, officials from the Klamath Basin Tribes, and California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Klamath River Dam Removal Celebrated By Governor Brown And The Secretary Of The Interior

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission gave its final clearance in October to a proposal to demolish four dams in an effort to improve river quality and increase fish populations.

Nearly 400 miles of the Klamath River and its tributaries are projected to benefit from the dam removal project. In California’s Siskiyou County, something significant happened on Thursday.

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“This is a very critical step forward on the path towards restorative justice for the peoples of the Klamath Basin and towards restoring health to the river, as well as everyone and everything that depends on it,” Brown said during the ceremony.

From the Cascade Mountains in southern Oregon, the Klamath River flows all the way to the Pacific Ocean in California. Farmers, ranchers, loggers, miners, and fishers are among the many people it helps.

Over nine million square kilometers of land are a part of the Klamath Basin watershed.

Klamath River Dam Removal Celebrated By Governor Brown
Klamath River Dam Removal Celebrated By Governor Brown

At the party on Thursday, Haaland revealed that the Bureau of Reclamation will be providing $5.8 million to four tribal water projects in the Klamath River Basin in Oregon and California to help restore aquatic ecosystems, strengthen habitats, and lessen the impact of the current drought.

“The Basin has faced exceptional problems over the past two decades as a result of persistent drought and reduced water availability. In addition to the millions of dollars being invested by the Biden-Harris administration on water and habitat resiliency, Haaland says that the imminent dam removals will help restore this formerly bountiful ecosystem for the benefit of all its people.

Klamath Tribes chairman Clayton Dumont expressed his tribe’s gratitude to Governors Brown and Newsom and other Tribal leaders who campaigned for the removal of the dams.

Both Chairman Gentry and Chairman Dumont have been invaluable teachers, and I appreciate all I’ve learned from them. The two of them are amazing pioneers in their own right. These are not easy times for your people and I just want you to know that you have the commitment of the State of Oregon, as long as I am governor, and from me, as long as I am living, to do everything I can to make sure that you have the tools that and the resources that you need to thrive,” Brown said.

Thousands of people worked for clean water, thriving fisheries, and environmental justice for Klamath River villages, so today’s celebration is well deserved, said Karuk Chairman Russell “Buster” Attebery.

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Last Monday, the state of Oregon, the state of California, and the Klamath River Renewal Corporation took official steps toward becoming co-licensees for the dams and initiating the dam removal process. They’re working together to put the 2016 Amended Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement into effect in full.

The four dams are located in Klamath County, Oregon, and Siskiyou County, California.

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