Oregon Home From The Iconic Spielberg Movie “The Goonies” Will Be Sold For $1.7 Million

The Goonies: The likely new owner of the Victorian mansion in Astoria, Oregon, which was featured in the famous coming-of-age film The Goonies about buddies and treasure seeking has promised to maintain and protect the property, according to the listing agent.

The Goonies, a 1985 film based on a screenplay by Steven Spielberg, follows a group of pals as they attempt to stave off a growing country club and the possibility of foreclosure. As they follow the clues on the map, they embark on an exciting journey that ultimately results in the rescue of the residents of Goon Docks.

Oregon Home From The Iconic Spielberg Movie “The Goonies” Will Be Sold For $1.7 Million

In November, a roughly $1.7 million price tag was placed on a property built in 1896 that overlooks the Columbia River as it empties into the Pacific Ocean.

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According to the Oregonian, Jordan Miller of John L Scott Real Estate said the sale should close by the middle of January. Miller promised that the new owner, who calls himself a serial entrepreneur, would reveal his identity at that time.

Fans have been visiting the house in Astoria, an old port in northwest Oregon, ever since the film first hit theatres almost 40 years ago. On June 7th, the film’s official release date, hundreds of people flock to the city to celebrate Goonies Day.

Oregon Home From The Iconic Spielberg Movie "The Goonies" Will Be Sold For $1.7 Million
Oregon Home From The Iconic Spielberg Movie “The Goonies” Will Be Sold For $1.7 Million

Public records show that an offer was accepted on the house just six days after it was put up for sale.

Miller said: β€œAfter the word spread that the property was for sale, we received multiple offers, at asking price and higher, and we have a full backup offer.”

Some of the home’s furnishings, which have been restored to their 1896 form, may also be sold to the buyer, while the seller, Sandi Preston, is passing down cinematic memorabilia she has acquired or been gifted.

Preston gained a reputation for its warm hospitality. However, she did in fact reside there, and the stress of the continuous crowds occasionally led her to bar entry to outsiders.

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After the film’s 30th anniversary drew about 1,500 daily visitors in 2015, Preston posted β€œno trespassing” signs prohibiting tourists from walking up to the property. In August, she let the public back in.

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