Oregon Gets $800,000 In Federal Funding For Rural Health And Food Security

Rural Health And Food Security: Federal cash in the amount of $800,000 will be distributed across the rural sections of the state in order to increase rural healthcare funding and food assistance.

Oregon Gets $800,000 In Federal Funding For Rural Health And Food Security

The Emergency Rural Health Care Grant program of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will award the state of Oregon with a total of 801,300 dollars in order to assist organizations and facilities located throughout the state in their efforts to provide essential emergency rural health care and food assistance to rural communities.

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The Emergency Rural Health Care program of the USDA offers grant funding of up to $500 million to help broaden access to COVID-19 testing and vaccines, rural health care services, and food assistance through food banks and food distribution facilities. In addition, the program helps expand access to rural healthcare services.

The money from the federal government will be used for:

Columbia Memorial Hospital Astoria: $113,000 to upgrade the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems at the hospital and establish new cold storage to increase the institution’s capacity to store vaccines.

The Food Bank of Florence: $48,600 to assist in funding increasing staffing costs due to the COVID epidemic.

Volunteers Serving the Community of Brookings Harbor

250,200 dollars to fund increased staffing, which will include the hiring of a multilingual interpreter and advocate to help close the communication gap with the Hispanic population.

Oregon Gets $800,000 In Federal Funding For Rural Health And Food Security
Oregon Gets $800,000 In Federal Funding For Rural Health And Food Security

Grande Ronde Hospital: $88,200 to ensure that it would have the funding necessary to purchase hospital equipment and to increase its ability to respond to COVID-19 by delivering enhanced medical services.

Hospital Serving The Harney District: $273,400 to be spent on the purchase and installation of a laboratory chemistry analyzer as well as a medication dispensing system in order to improve the hospital’s ability to provide rapid and reliable testing in order to diagnose medical conditions that are related to the long-term effects of COVID-19.

Center for Senior Citizens and Community Services in Harney County (HCSC)

They will need $27,900 to buy a transportable cooler, a commercial freezer, and a refrigerated food truck for their food pantry.

According to Oregon’s United States Senator, Jeff Merkley, “These monies awarded to Oregon will help provide essential support in ensuring that Oregon’s rural families have access to the health care and food on the table they need in order to survive.” These subsidies from the USDA will assist guarantee that rural communities in Oregon have the resources they require to maintain their health.

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According to Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon’s delegation to the United States Senate, “These funds to boost health care and fight hunger are lifelines for rural Oregonians who lean on local hospitals and organizations in their communities for help.” “I’m delighted these federal grants are headed to our state, and I’ll keep fighting for comparable federal investments that boost the quality of life in rural areas throughout the entire state of Oregon,” she said.

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