Oregon State Police Would not Finish Background Checks Before Firearms Law Takes Effect

Background Checks: According to a statement that was made public on Friday, the firearms instant background check unit of the Oregon State Police is dealing with “unprecedented volumes of firearms transactions,” which is something that has never been seen before in the program’s 26-year history. This is occurring in the weeks leading up to the implementation of a new gun law that was approved by voters.

Oregon State Police Would not Finish Background Checks

According to the statement, anyone whose background check is still pending when the new law goes into effect the following week will be required to comply with the requirements of the law, such as obtaining a permit to purchase a firearm.

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This comes as a direct result of the fact that the new law will go into effect the following week. On December 8, the day the new law is scheduled to go into effect, an application for a permit-to-purchase is now being finalized and will be available for download from the website of the state police.

According to the statement, the Permit-to-Purchase program run by the Oregon State Police will be a manual paper procedure until new technical systems can be devised and implemented.

Oregon State Police Would not Finish Background Checks
Oregon State Police Would not Finish Background Checks

Capt. Stephanie Bigman, a spokesperson for the state police stated on Friday afternoon that residents are required to submit their applications to the local law enforcement organization in their area.

The law that was approved by voters is currently being challenged in numerous courts, and one of those courts, the federal court, is currently considering a request for a temporary restraining order that would prevent the law from going into force. A judge is currently considering the motion, and a judgment regarding whether or not a stay should be issued is anticipated to be made early the next week.

According to Bigman, the current backlog includes 41,160 applications in their entirety. There is no reliable way to determine how many firearms are bought and sold in Oregon. Requests for background checks are the sole reliable indicator of gun sales.

Since voters narrowly approved the new laws on November 8, the average number of background checks performed each day has increased from roughly 900 to 3,355. This is a significant increase.

The state police advised that prospective gun buyers properly fill out their background check forms so as to avoid providing any information that is either wrong or missing, which could cause a delay in the purchasing process. Buyers of firearms should also check the accuracy of their online records whenever it is practical to do so, ensuring, for instance, that their most recent address is listed with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

According to the statement released by the police department, “the agencies that were called the most for missing or incomplete information are the Courts or District Attorneys’ offices throughout the United States.” There is no statutory deadline for the agencies to reply to our requests for information that is either missing or incomplete.

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At this time, the legislation of the state permits the sale of firearms to individuals whose background checks are still being processed provided that at least three business days have elapsed. This gap in the law is going to be filled by the new legislation.

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