Oregon Man Charged With Poaching Trophy Bull Elk and 12 Other Deer and Elk

Trophy Bull Elk: A guy from Pendleton, Oregon has been indicted for illegally shooting 13 elk and deer in Umatilla County, Washington, just across the state line from the Tri-Cities. Among the animals he killed was a trophy bull elk.

Oregon Man Charged With Poaching Trophy Bull Elk and 12 Other Deer and Elk

In addition to the 22 counts of the indictment, 28-year-old Walker Dean Erickson faces charges of wasteful consumption of game meat, trespassing, tampering with evidence, and hunting while in a motor vehicle.

Hunter Paul Wagner, 23, of Pilot Rock, Oregon, has been indicted for his role in an illegal game hunting operation.

In 2020, after receiving reports of poaching, the Oregon State Police began collecting evidence.

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That led to a search warrant being served at a Pendleton home roughly a year ago. Among the things seized were three pairs of elk antlers, one of them from the trophy animal. Meat, a rifle, a bow, and six pairs of deer antlers were also found.

Over the course of nearly two weeks, from December 13 to January 3, 2021, Erickson is suspected of illegally shooting two cow elk and three whitetail bucks.

On September 30, 2021, a trophy-sized bull elk with seven antler points on each side of its head was allegedly killed during another illegal hunting spree that occurred between August and September of 2021 without proper tags.

Oregon Man Charged With Poaching Trophy Bull Elk and 12 Other Deer and Elk
Oregon Man Charged With Poaching Trophy Bull Elk and 12 Other Deer and Elk

Indictments tied to the start of the two months include wasting meat from a deer and an elk on Aug. 4.

Two days later Erickson was accused of shooting a juvenile bull elk with its antlers still in velvet.

According to the court documents, on September 13, he shot a white-tailed mule deer buck with 5×4 point antlers, and on September 20, he shot a buck with 2×2 point antlers.

According to court records, he shot two different bull elk that month, one with 5×6 antlers on September 19 and the enormous trophy elk at the end of the month.

He is also charged with criminal trespassing for killing the elk on private property and squandering the meat.

According to court documents, the land was either farmed or fenced and he did not have permission to hunt there.

In December 2021 he attempted to conceal a digital image of the 7×7 and 4×4 bull elks, according to court documents.

The last three charges in the indictment concern the killing, in late 2021, of a 2×3, and a 4×4 mule deer buck. He is suspected of engaging in vehicle-based hunting throughout that time period.

In Umatilla County, Wagner was charged on charges of aiding in the illegal shooting of three cow elk, three whitetail bucks, and a 4×4 bull elk between the middle of December 2020 and the beginning of January 2021.

Two of the seven charges included a cow and a bull elk who were both killed in August of 2021.

In addition, he was found guilty of illegal fishing in January, according to court documents from Umatilla County.

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