Oregon Could Experience Dangerous Driving Conditions Due to an Upcoming Winter Storm

Winter Storm: Because of the impending winter storm, many people in the states of Oregon and Washington are under a winter storm warning, which means that starting this afternoon, the roads could become dangerous due to the accumulation of snow.

Oregon Could Experience Dangerous Driving Conditions Due to an Upcoming Winter Storm

According to a statement made by Meteorologist Steve Pierce, “the next system off the coast is taking aim at the Pacific Northwest.” “Beginning on Tuesday afternoon, the National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the entire Columbia River Gorge, which extends as far west as Corbett and all the way down to Hood River. This warning covers the whole area. As the snowfall becomes more intense during the day on Tuesday, motorists on eastbound Interstate 84 near Portland may experience difficulty.

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Gorge on the Western Side of the Columbia River

The National Weather Service predicts that the Western Columbia River Gorge will receive between 2 and 9 inches of snow beginning at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, November 29, and continuing through 4 a.m. on Wednesday. The snowfall is expected to linger until 4 a.m. on Wednesday. In this part of the world, you should also prepare for winds of up to 40 miles per hour.

These conditions will have an impact on Corbett, Rooster Rock, Multnomah Falls, Cascade Locks, North Bonneville, and Stevenson; nevertheless, it is anticipated that Multnomah Falls will receive the most snowfall of the aforementioned locations.

Oregon Could Experience Dangerous Driving Conditions Due to an Upcoming Winter Storm
Oregon Could Experience Dangerous Driving Conditions Due to an Upcoming Winter Storm

The Central Columbia River Gorge as well as the Upper Hood River Valley

In the following twenty-four hours, even more snowfall is forecast for the portion of the Gorge that is located further to the east. A Winter Storm Warning was issued by the National Weather Service beginning at 4 o’clock on Tuesday afternoon, and it is expected to be in effect until 10 o’clock on Wednesday morning.

Residents of Parkdale, Odell, Hood River, Carson, and Underwood should anticipate winds of up to 35 miles per hour in addition to the possibility of receiving between 6 and 12 inches of snow.

Northern Cascades

An accident that resulted in fatalities has caused Westbound Highway 26 in the Northern Cascades to be closed.
A winter storm watch was issued for the Northern Cascades of Oregon beginning on Tuesday evening and will remain in effect until Thursday morning.

The Cascades could get anywhere from one to two feet of snow over the course of the next three days, along with winds reaching up to forty-five miles per hour.

Northwest Coast Ranges of Oregon’s Coast

There will be an accumulation of 2-4 inches of snow in the Coast Range in Northwest Oregon at elevations above 2000 feet between the hours of 1:00 and 10:00 pm on Tuesday night, according to the forecast. During this time, wind gusts of up to 40 miles per hour are possible.

Willamette Valley and Greater Portland and Vancouver

Willamette Valley and Greater Portland and Vancouver Although it is possible that Portland may not get the hardest snowfall in the next couple of days, a wind advisory will be in effect for the city and nearby regions from 8 p.m. on Tuesday until 5 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

Wind gusts of up to 45 miles per hour are forecasted by the National Weather Service for the Lower Columbia, the Greater Vancouver, and Portland metro areas, the Central and South Willamette Valleys, and the I-5 Corridor in Cowlitz County. Because of this, there is a possibility that there may be power outages or that tree limbs would fall.

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Beginning on Tuesday evening, the winter storm warnings are expected to make driving along I-84 east of Portland more difficult. Through ODOT, motorists are able to keep track of the current state of the roads.

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