OSU Researchers Identify Difficulties for Oregon’s Food and Beverage Manufacturers, but Also Significant Promise Elsewhere

Food and Beverage: According to the findings of a study conducted by Oregon State University, the state’s food and beverage manufacturers have a difficult time locating suitable export markets.

OSU discovered, through a survey of about a hundred different companies, that even among the most successful exporters, the percentage of their distribution that came from exports outside the United States was less than 25%.

OSU Researchers Identify Difficulties for Oregon’s Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Professor of Applied Economics and Co-Author of the Study Jeff Reimer is also a co-author of the study. The establishment of a trustworthy relationship with a foreign partner, as he mentioned to KLCC, is simply one of the challenges.

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“Language, for example, as well as all of the other customs and safety requirements that are currently in effect,” added Reimer. “The metric system is used by the majority of the world’s population. In the United States, we use the pound and the bushel as our units of measurement. The remainder of the world uses kilos as their standard unit of measurement, etc.

OSU Researchers Identify Difficulties for Oregon Food and Beverage Manufacturers
OSU Researchers Identify Difficulties for Oregon Food and Beverage Manufacturers

In addition, Reimer mentioned that there is demand for Oregon products. He suggested that having a small number of staff who are solely focused on finding export prospects was one strategy that businesses may use to expand into new international markets.

In the meanwhile, the wine and craft beer businesses in Oregon have a lot of potential for growth in international markets. According to Reimer, local breweries have specifically developed a technique known as “quality over quantity,” which has attracted purchasers from other countries.

“For instance, we discovered that some beers brewed in tiny breweries in Oregon are being sold in stores in Japan,” Reimer noted. “We found this to be the case.” “However, they were not brought into Australia from Oregon in the traditional sense; rather, they were sent from Oregon to Australia.

After that, a Japanese citizen carried that beer all the way from Australia to Japan. In any case, exports can operate in a variety of roundabout ways that you would not anticipate.

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Companies were asked about their experiences with state and federal support programs, and the majority of them believed the initiatives were beneficial in growing export markets. According to Reimer, trade missions like the recent one that Governor Kate Brown took to Japan and South Korea helped spark interest in Oregon’s products and services.

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