New Executive Director is Greeted by the Oregon Crab Commission

Β Crab Commission: Hugh Link will be leaving his position as executive director of the Oregon Crab Commission, which he has held for the past ten years, to make way for a new executive director.

Tim Novotny will take over for Link, who has announced that he will retire on January 1, 2023.

The link was a member of the commission for close to twenty years and served as director during the first ten years of his service.

“Link shared his sentiments with us, “I’m really proud of our fleet.” “One of the things that I am particularly proud of is the way in which sustainability has been handled. After seven years of hard work, we finally earned our MSC certification. It is evident that we are practicing sustainable fishing. In addition to that, we are also participating in a fisheries improvement initiative that ensures the continued viability of our fleet.”

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New Executive Director is Greeted by the Oregon Crab Commission

Link claims that he and Novotny have had a productive working relationship, and he is confident that Novotny is the head the commission requires moving forward.

“When we hired Tim, one of the reasons we did so was to compensate for my shortcomings, Link explained. “Tim was the perfect candidate for all of the responsibilities that required skills or training that I lacked. Over the course of the past five years, he has served as my apprentice, and we have developed into a formidable unit thanks to our strong collaboration. I think he is aware of what needs to be done and how to go about doing it, and the commissioners are behind him one hundred percent.”

New Executive Director is Greeted by the Oregon Crab Commission
New Executive Director is Greeted by the Oregon Crab Commission

In 2017, Novotny became a member of the commission, and most recently, he held the position of communications manager.

He will serve in the capacity of co-executive director until the beginning of the new year, at which point he will take over the post in its entirety.

“During those five years, I spent the majority of my time working in what was essentially the shadow of Hugh Link, and we were inundated with a wide range of different challenges,” said Novotny. “I was able to follow him around and learn the day-to-day stuff, as well as the new challenges that came up, and I became well-versed in everything from off-shore wind to sea otters, to whales, and other marine mammals. “”

According to Novotny, his current responsibility is to put into action the strategy developed by the board of commissioners to improve the commission’s reputation through the use of promotion, education, and research.

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Novotny has stated that he will continue his efforts to maintain the global market for Oregon Dungeness crab while also assisting fishermen in overcoming challenges that are common in the fishing industry.

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