Agents Had Captured 7800 Grams of Cocaine in C.O. This Year, More Than in the Prior 10 Years Combined

7800 Grams of Cocaine: Cocaine use is on the rise, both in the High Desert and the rest of the country as a whole.

According to drug agents in Central Oregon, notably Sergeant Kent Vander Kamp of the Central Oregon Drug Enforcement (CODE) Team, there has been a significant rise in the number of cocaine seizures.

Agents Had Captured 7800 Grams of Cocaine in C.O. This Year

According to Vander Kamp and Lieutenant Ken Mannix of the CODE Team, the organization has confiscated more cocaine this year than it has in the combined total of the last eight to ten years.

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On Tuesday, Vander Kamp stated that “therefore it would appear that cocaine is clearly more accessible than it was in the past.” “There has been a consistent rise in the amount of cocaine that is produced and distributed in Central Oregon,” we found.

During the years 2019, 2020, and 2021, CODE was successful in seizing a total of 1,769.97 grams of cocaine.

It has been successful in seizing 7,800.96 grams so far in 2022.

Agents Had Captured 7800 Grammes of Cocaine in C.O. This Year
Agents Had Captured 7800 Grammes of Cocaine in C.O. This Year

When it comes to the use of cocaine, Oregon is placed eighth across the nation.

According to Vander Kamp, who conducted the survey, “Only around 2.3 percent of the respondents asked acknowledged using cocaine, which is relatively low.” However, we acknowledge that this factor likely plays a role in the current cheap cost of methamphetamine.

According to him, the majority of the world’s cocaine is produced in the countries of Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru, and it enters the United States via the states of Florida, California, Pennsylvania, and Puerto Rico.

According to him, the fact that more drugs are entering the country and, by extension, the area, causes an increase in drug use.

According to Vander Kamp, “we’re seeing just a lot more influx of all narcotics” as a result of the increased openness and accessibility of the borders.

According to Vander Kamp, his staff has witnessed a rise in the number of cases of poisoning, the majority of which were caused by the cocaine being cut with other narcotics.

Vander Kamp explained that a significant number of people are unintentionally poisoning themselves as a result of mixing this medicine with other substances. “Especially by the time it gets up to the Pacific Northwest, what was once pure cocaine is no longer pure. This is especially true when it comes to the Pacific Northwest. In most cases, it is contaminated with another substance.

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Vander Kamp claims that there have been cocaine seizures all throughout Bend, despite the fact that a significant amount of emphasis in recent years has been focused on the rise in the use of dangerous fentanyl pills together with methamphetamine.

When he was tracking drug traffickers, he found that the majority of drug use occurred on the west side of Bend or in more wealthy communities with young folks in their 20s. He mentioned this when he was in Bend.

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