Oregon Department of Transportation Has Started Their Winter Preparations

Winter Preparations: The Oregon Department of Transportation is getting its staff ready for the snow that is expected in the coming days so that they can maintain road safety and keep the roadways clear.

Oregon Department of Transportation Has Started Their Winter Preparations

“We’re keeping an eye on the weather just like everyone else,” said Matt Noble with the Oregon Department of Transportation. “We are making certain that we stage our workers and our equipment according to the requirements,”

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Noble claims that once the weather takes a turn for the worse and snow begins to fall, ODOT will make any necessary adjustments. Already, Noble reports that both the snow ploughs and the de-icer are prepared to begin their work.

As winter approaches, the Oregon Department of Transportation will continue to struggle with a personnel shortage. As a direct consequence of this, certain roadways will be given higher priority than others.

Oregon Department of Transportation Has Started Their Winter Preparations
Oregon Department of Transportation Has Started Their Winter Preparations

“Rural or less-travelled routes may be covered in snow or ice for longer than people expect, and it may be extremely difficult to try to get through because we just haven’t gotten to them yet,” Noble said. “We just haven’t been to those areas yet.” Even though the road isn’t closed, we strongly advise everyone to stay on the main roads and not take any chances by travelling on side roads or rural roads.”

TripCheck and Quick Map are two resources that Noble suggests using to monitor the most recent information regarding road conditions and closures. In the event that you become bogged down in the snow, he recommends that you not only carry chains with you but also a survival kit in the trunk of your vehicle.

When it comes to the management of the interstate corridor that runs between Redding and Ashland this year, ODOT will be collaborating closely with the California Department of Transportation. Noble emphasises the significance of ensuring that all parties remain on the same page in the event of a significant snowstorm.

“Let’s imagine there’s a significant snowstorm and the Oregon side of the Siskiyou Summit is blanketed in deep, heavy snow, as he explained, “Let’s say this.”

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“That will also have an impact on traffic on the California side, particularly on individuals travelling north into Oregon from the state of California. ensuring that not only is CalTrans aware of the situation, but that they also have the capability to cooperate with us to hold traffic if they see it necessary to do so.”

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