New Electric Bike Rebates in the Us Can Be Worth Up to $1,700

Electric Bike Rebates: Electric bicycles are rapidly emerging as a viable alternative to automobiles while still meeting the demand for quick and convenient individual mobility. The price of these once prohibitively expensive e-bikes has been greatly reduced thanks to rebate programmes.

Last year, a nationwide electric bike subsidy seemed possible, but it failed to make it into the Inflation Reduction Act.

Since then, local governments and individual states have stepped up. The first state-run American incentive programme was initiated by the Green Mountain State of Vermont. Also, a rebate programme for electric bicycles was started in Denver, Colorado, and it has proven so popular that it has frequently sold out, and now New York is considering doing the same.

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New Electric Bike Rebates in the Us Can Be Worth Up to $1,700

Now, Oregon may be the next US state to give a substantial refund for the purchase of electric bikes.

Leaving Oregon State Representative Karin Power has introduced a new measure, dubbed Legislative Concept (LC) 1994, to aid fund rebates to e-bike purchasers. The sponsorship of this bill in the forthcoming session has been given to Representative Dacia Graybar.

A reimbursement of up to $1,200 is offered for the purchase of a regular electric bike, and a rebate of up to $1,700 is offered for the purchase of a cargo electric bike under the proposed legislation. The lowest-priced e-bikes on the market do not qualify since they do not meet the $950 minimum retail price requirement.

There is a one-year ownership requirement, during which the purchaser may not resell the electric bicycle.

The reimbursement can extend to include the cost of a lock or helmet if they are purchased at the same time as the bike.

New Electric Bike Rebates in the Us Can Be Worth Up to $1,700
New Electric Bike Rebates in the Us Can Be Worth Up to $1,700

Individual e-bike dealers must first register to participate in the scheme, but there are no income requirements for consumers to get the reimbursement. Once approved, they’ll be able to offer rebates to customers at the point of sale and the state of Oregon will cover the cost within 30 days.

The rebates and programme administration expenditures totalling $6 million are funded by the bill.

We’ll be watching for updates on the bill’s status as the 2023 session of the Oregon Legislature gets underway in early January.

Review by Electrek

I agree that this is a worthy use of funds. It’s important to fund alternative modes of transportation like electric bikes, scooters, etc. if you want to invest in your state, your roads, your citizens’ health, and the quality of their lives.

However, I feel like a maximum income limit would have been useful to have included. Those who are well-off are in a better position to afford an electric bike that costs $1,500 than those who are barely getting by and would benefit more from having their own transportation than waiting for the bus.

Interesting to me is the $950 minimum selling price, which should eliminate the very cheapest e-bikes. Those are typically (but not always) of lower quality and are often referred to as “disposable e-bikes” due to their short lifespan and subsequent transformation into cumbersome e-waste.

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Finally, I have no idea how they intend to monitor whether or not owners comply with the rule that they keep the bike for a year. Obviously, there is room for abuse, as someone could purchase a $2,000 cargo e-bike for $300, and then resell it on eBay to riders in another state for $1,000.

However, even if this were to occur, someone would still be using an e-bike as opposed to an automobile. Just that the state of Oregon paid for it.

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