It’s Christmas Tree Season, but Farmers Are Finding It Harder to Cultivate Them

Christmas Tree Season: The state of Oregon is the leading producer of Christmas trees in the United States, but local farmers are concerned about how the effects of climate change may manifest in the years to come.

Visits to Grabhorn Farms for the purpose of purchasing a Christmas tree have become a holiday custom for Elizabeth and Paul for the past 22 years.

Since we live in Oregon, it is imperative that we have a genuine tree in our yard.

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Christmas Tree Season, but Farmers Are Finding It Harder to Cultivate Them

According to the proprietor, Jeremy Scholz, this is the time of year when all of his hard work begins to pay off.

“People don’t realize how much work goes into cultivating a Christmas tree the rest of the year,” said Scholz. “People don’t realize how much labor goes into growing a Christmas tree.” “Your six-foot tree is between six and twelve years old, so that’s between six and twelve years of labor.”

In addition to that, he mentioned that climate change is costing them.

In point of fact, he claims that the heat dome was responsible for the death of 99% of the seedlings he planted in it the previous year.

Christmas Tree Season
Christmas Tree Season

I suffered a significant hit, and it’s not enjoyable when you include the expense of each seedling.

It is also affecting the way that they farm. Because of the extreme heat of recent summers, they are having to change the kinds of trees that they cultivate.

Inflation is just another difficulty that Christmas tree farmers have had to face.

The Oregon Christmas Tree Growers Association reports that the price of fertilizer has increased by 100%, while the price of fuel has increased by 80%.

In spite of this, it is said that producers are working hard to keep Christmas as accessible as possible so that there are always trees available at decent prices. In many situations, tree prices have not increased as much as the growers’ input costs have increased.

And Elizabeth and Paul find that having a real tree in their home helps keep the holiday spirit going strong throughout the season.

“I believe that maintaining traditions is what the holiday season is all about.”

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Additionally, the industry is significant in other parts of the Pacific Northwest. According to the Washington State Department of Agriculture, the state of Washington is responsible for the cultivation of the fourth-greatest number of Christmas trees in the United States.

It is said that the Evergreen State is home to close to 400 farms that specialize in growing Christmas trees.

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