Group Submits Urgent Motion to Block Measure 114, an Oregon Gun Control Bill

Block Measure 114: An organization that advocates for the right to bear arms, a local sheriff, and the proprietor of a gun store all joined forces late Wednesday night to file an emergency motion in a federal court seeking to halt the enforcement of one of the most stringent gun control laws in the country.

Group Submits Urgent Motion to Block Measure 114

The new gun restriction law that was just barely approved by voters in Oregon is scheduled to take effect on December 8th. On Thursday, United States District Judge Karin Immergut set the hearing on the motion for the following day, December 2.

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The deadline for the state to file a response to the emergency motion for a preliminary injunction has been extended to the following Wednesday.

On November 18, the Oregon Firearms Foundation, the Sheriff of Sherman County, Brad Lohrey, and Adam Johnson, owner of Coat of Arms Firearms, filed a federal lawsuit against the Governor of Oregon and the Attorney General of Oregon, claiming that Measure 114 violates the state’s constitution and is therefore unconstitutional.

The measure requires residents to obtain a permit in order to purchase a firearm, prohibits magazines that hold more than 10 rounds except in certain circumstances, and establishes a statewide database for firearms. In addition, residents are required to register their firearms with the state.

Group Submits Urgent Motion to Block Measure 114
Group Submits Urgent Motion to Block Measure 114

According to the lawsuit, prohibiting magazines that hold more than ten rounds will not reduce the likelihood of criminals abusing firearms any more than prohibiting high-horsepower engines will reduce the likelihood of criminals abusing automobiles.

“To the contrary, the only thing that the ban contained in 114 guarantees is that a criminal who is unlawfully carrying a firearm with a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds will have a potentially devastating advantage over his law-abiding victim,” the author writes.

The supporters of Measure 114 argued that prohibiting large-capacity magazines will help save lives because it will require shooters to take a break to reload their weapons, which will give bystanders the opportunity to put an end to the violence.

Suicides, which account for 82% of all gun deaths in the state, would be reduced, along with mass shootings and other forms of gun violence, according to those in favor of the measure.

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During the time that the court is considering the lawsuit, the preliminary injunction will attempt to prevent the state from carrying out the new law’s enforcement.

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