Tina Kotek Tweets,” Our Work is Just Getting Started” (Know More)

Tina Kotek: Tina Kotek Is elected as the new governor. That was a splendid victory and the majority of voters’ choice. The victory reflects Kotek’s mindblowing thoughts and social behavior. The people of Oregon have high hopes from the new governor.

Tina Kotak Said,” Our Work is Just Getting Started”

Tina Kotek has accomplished a lot in her first year as Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives. She has been instrumental in the passage of landmark legislation pertaining to the minimum wage, paid sick leave, and early childhood education. She has also taken steps to increase government transparency and enhance the state’s budget process.

Kotek has promised to keep working on these issues and more in her second year as Speaker. Kotek stated her goal of ensuring that all Oregonians have access to high-caliber education and healthcare, as well as the opportunity to secure gainful employment. She has also stated her intent to combat climate change and expand opportunities for low-income families to own homes.

Kotek has lofty expectations for the upcoming legislative session but is confident that she and her colleagues will be able to achieve them. To which I replied, “Our work is just beginning,” she said. To make Oregon a place where everyone can succeed, “a lot more needs to be done.”

Tina Kotek said in her tweet that the time has finally come

This is a big thing. We may think that Oregon’s progress and developments are going to start as she takes over the governor’s charge.Β  All Oregonians are also excited to see Tina Kotek as the chair of the governor.

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Tina Kotak Tweets reaction


ORhunter reply that: You won the election, you can cut the act now. You have NO intention of building an Oregon that works for everyone. You will continue with policies that drive up the cost of living, hinder business, increase taxes, facilitate drugs/homelessness and create sub par schools.

Brian: So you’re gonna be like Adolf Brown and used executive orders without going through proper legislation?

Blake PDX: Do you think the Oregon Transportation Commission is on board with an “Oregon that works for everyone”. 40% of emissions are from transportation and all of ODOT’s money goes to wider highways and not to investment needed to hand their deadly urban arterials over to cities?

Jennifer L Schroeder: What if Lloyd Center (+other stores) could be repurposed as a homeless shelter w/daily services like cafeterias, clinics, laundry, social support, indoor dog park, veterinarian services, etc. Semi-permanent & secure for each person’s belongings would make a world of difference.


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