Death With Dignity Law In Oregon No Longer Requires Residency, Although Out-of-state Patients Still Face Difficulties

Death With Dignity Law: The Death with Dignity Act in the state of Oregon has been in effect for 25 years as of this year. Oregon was the first state in the country to legalize medical assistance for dying, and the state is now in the process of removing the residency restriction for those seeking to take advantage of the law.

People from all over the country are inquiring with Oregon physicians about the possibility of obtaining prescriptions, despite the fact that there are obstacles.

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Death With Dignity Law In Oregon No Longer Requires Residency

In spite of the fact that the residency requirement has been lifted, Dr. Charles Blanke believes that physicians are still concerned about the dangers of accepting patients from other states. According to him, “they are still frightened about how the law will be administered, and they’re still scared that individuals would take the prescriptions back home.”

Death With Dignity Law In Oregon No Longer Requires Residency
Death With Dignity Law In Oregon No Longer Requires Residency

The prescriptions would be regarded unlawful in a significant portion of the country.

Finding a place to stay is another significant obstacle that patients from other states have to overcome. Those who do not have family members living in Oregon and who require a discreet location in which to take the prescription have resorted to using their hotel rooms. But according to Dr. Blanke, he is finding that hotels are not interested in hosting patients participating in the Death with Dignity program.

He placed an article on Craigslist seeking Airbnb property owners who would be willing to rent their homes to patients in an effort to assist them in locating beds for themselves. He is currently searching for property owners that are interested in the opportunity.

The number of individuals who have made a request for a prescription in accordance with the Death with Dignity Act has dramatically increased over the course of the past several years. 39 individuals made a request for a prescription in the year 2000. After another ten years, the number of people requesting prescriptions for medical aid in dying increased to 97, and by the year 2020, that figure had quadrupled to 373.

Patients have to fulfill a number of prerequisites before they may get a prescription filled. Patients need to be at least 18 years old, have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than six months to live, and have the ability to make their own decisions regarding their medical care and express those decisions to their provider.

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