Authorities Say A Man Was Shot And Injured In SE Portland Following An Armed Robbery

Man Was Shot And Injured: Early on Saturday morning, Portland police opened fire on a guy and injured him in the Reed area located in the city’s southeast, around two miles from Reed College.

According to a press release, at approximately 12:30 in the morning, law enforcement officers responded to a report of an armed robbery in the 5000 block of Southeast Powell Boulevard.

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Authorities Say A Man Was Shot And Injured In SE Portland

They discovered a vehicle that matched the description of the one involved in the armed robbery that was believed to have occurred in the neighborhood. The individual behind the wheel was allegedly driving in an unsafe manner, according to the police. According to the announcement, the car came to a stop in a parking lot on Southeast Steele Street, when “officers attempted to approach the occupants” before “an officer involvement gunshot ensued.”

Man Was Shot And Injured In SE Portland
Man Was Shot And Injured In SE Portland

There was one man hurt, and he was taken to the hospital. The remaining occupants of the vehicle were taken into custody by the police.

The Portland Police Bureau did not disclose any information regarding the man’s current condition or the circumstances that led to a police officer shooting him. They also did not discuss the reasons why the officer shot him. The bureau did not disclose any specifics regarding the number of shots fired or the number of officers that fired their guns during the incident.

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