Lori Chavez-deremer, A Republican, And Andrea Salinas, A Democrat, Were Chosen As Oregon’s First Hispanic Representatives In Congress

Hispanic Representatives: Two Hispanic women from Oregon have become the state’s first-ever Hispanic representatives in the United States Congress.

Andrea Salinas, a Democrat, defeated Republican businessman Mike Erickson in her bid to represent Oregon’s 6th Congressional District. Lori Chavez-DeRemer, a Republican and a former mayor of a suburb, defeated Democrat Jamie McLeod-Skinner in her bid to represent Oregon’s 5th Congressional District. Salinas is now Oregon’s representative in the United States House of Representatives.

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Oregon’s First Hispanic Representatives In Congress

Salinas will take the 6th Congressional District early on Tuesday morning, defeating Erickson by a margin of approximately 2.7 percentage points.

Salinas made a statement to her newly-elected constituents in which she told them, “Regardless of who you voted for or what lies ahead, I will be your champion.” “To be your Congresswoman-elect is the greatest honor I could ever hope to receive in my life.”

Oregon's First Hispanic Representatives In Congress
Oregon’s First Hispanic Representatives In Congress

As of Tuesday morning, 99% of the votes cast in the race for the 5th Congressional District had been counted, and Chavez-DeRemer had won with 51.1% of the votes, while McLeod-Skinner had won with 48.8% of the votes.

On Monday evening, we made our first prediction that Chavez-DeRemer would come out on top.

Along with a photo of herself standing in front of the United States Capitol, Chavez-DeRemer tweeted on Monday, “I am excited and ready to serve the people of Oregon.” This week, my husband Shawn and I are in Washington, D.C. for the New Member orientation!

Chavez-DeRemer becomes the first Republican to win the seat that has been held by Democratic Representative Kurt Schrader since 2009. As a result of her victory, she is also the first person to flip the seat.

According to her biography, Salinas was elected to the state legislature in 2017, where she has been an advocate for accurate census counts, paid family and medical leave, and access to affordable health care. Salinas also supports paid family and medical leave.

In 2017, she was instrumental in passing the Reproductive Health Equity Act in Oregon. Residents, even those without access to health care under Medicaid, were able to get health services thanks to the bill, which also enshrined the right to abortion in the legal code of the state.

“Latinas told us they wanted contraception care, preconception care, prenatal care, postpartum care, and they wanted access to abortion and they wanted to make their own decisions around that with no government interference,” Salinas, whose Mexican-born father served in Vietnam and later became a police officer, previously told NBC News. Salinas’s father was born in Mexico and later became a police officer in the United States.

Previously, she had been a member of the Happy Valley City Council as well as the Happy Valley Parks Committee. According to the website for her campaign, she placed a strong emphasis on topics relating to the economy, as well as safety and law enforcement.

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The History, Art, and Archives of the United States House of Representatives is a joint endeavor between the Office of the Historian and the Clerk of the House’s Office of Art and Archives. Before this election, Oregon had never before sent a Hispanic American to Congress.

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