Oregon Night Sky Mysteriously Turns Purple

Oregon Night Sky: Many enigmatic objects frequently emerge in the sky. It’s not difficult to locate recordings of people documenting the strange objects they’ve witnessed floating overhead, including strange meteorological phenomena, eclipses, unexpected leftovers of rocket launches and jet flyovers, and the occasional explosion of an electrical transformer.

Before we even talk about the incredibly well-documented phenomenon of UFOs. We have always been in awe of the glories of the firmament. However, that does not imply that all that occurs there is supernatural.

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What’s Behind Oregon Night Sky Mysteriously Turning Purple?

In this video, a woman can be seen filming from her car window. Outside of Woodburn, Oregon, the sky is illuminated by a beautiful, bright purple.

What gives, then?

Purple skies are not an uncommon occurrence in nature. For instance, because of the wavelength scattering of exceptionally dense clouds after sunset, numerous people captured amazing photographs of a vivid purple sky over the ocean during a recent hurricane. When photographing a stunning sunset, where the pink tones of the lower sky meet the dark blue of dusk, you have definitely captured your own purple sky image.

Oregons Night Sky Mysteriously Turns Purple
Oregon Night Sky Mysteriously Turns Purple

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But this situation isn’t like that. What people are seeing, according to a post on the Woodburn, Oregon neighborhood’s Facebook page, are lights from a close-by greenhouse whose grow lights are the same beautiful purple color. This color, which mixes both blue and red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for maximum plant photosynthesis efficiency, is typical for grow lights.

It’s also really beautiful.

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