Miller Is Elected To The Lincoln County Commission; Gomberg Earns A Sixth Term In Oregon House District 10

Gomberg Earns A Sixth Term In Oregon House District 10: During the three days of vote counting that ended almost entirely on Thursday, incumbent Democratic Representative David Gomberg of Otis cruised to an easy victory in his bid for re-election to represent House District 10.

In order to secure a sixth term in the Oregon Legislature, Gomberg received 28,874 votes, which is equivalent to 56.8 percent of the total. Celeste McEntee, a Republican restaurant owner from Newport who was making her maiden run for a state office, was his opponent. She received 15,848 votes, which is 43.1 percent of the total.

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Gomberg expressed his gratitude to the voters of the district for allowing him to serve as their representative once more. “I’m really grateful to the voters of the district,” he stated. “I’m extremely thankful to those who supported me, and I’ll keep working to serve everyone in my district,” she said. “I’ll continue to try to represent everyone in my area.”

During the process of redistricting, that took place in Oregon a year ago, the boundaries of House District 10 altered. As a result, the district lost portions of Tillamook County but gained the western side of Benton County in the Philomath area. In addition, it now encompasses all of Lincoln County, from the Yachats region in the south to the boundary with Lane County in the north.

Gomberg, who will now rank fourth in the House in seniority, has stated that he anticipates continuing to serve on the committees until he is now appointed. Among these responsibilities are those of co-vice chair of the budgetary committee for Ways and Means and co-head of the committee for Transportation and Economic Development.

According to the documents filed with the state electoral commission, Gomberg was successful in raising a total of 248,360 dollars. The public-sector unions, the construction trades, homebuilders, and realtors were the most significant contributors to his campaign.

Miller Is Elected To The Lincoln County Commission

A significant portion of McEntee’s total of 114,727 dollars comes from organizations that are closely associated with the Oregon Republican Party.

She ran afoul of numerous campaign issues, including twice running into problems with Oregon voter’s pamphlet statements or endorsements and receiving a warning from the Oregon Government Ethics Commission for not filing required financial disclosure forms by a state deadline. She also ran into problems on two separate occasions with Oregon voter’s pamphlet statements or endorsements.

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Casey Miller easily prevailed over Carter McEntee in a runoff election held after the primary election in May by a score of 13,379 votes to 8,803 votes. This contest involved the entirety of Lincoln County. Miller, who is the public information officer for the county, won the primary election.

However, he will face McEntee, who is a member of the family that owns Mo’s Seafood Chowder restaurants, in the general election runoff because Miller did not receive more than 50 percent of the vote in a five-way race. In January, Miller will take over as the new commissioner in place of Doug Hunt, who is stepping down.

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