Oregon Congressional Elections Remain Close

Oregon Congressional Elections: Even after poll workers counted tens of thousands more ballots on Wednesday, no clear winners were declared in a number of close congressional races in Oregon and Washington.

Narrow leads continue to be the focus of the story, which could change with each new development over the next few days. Candidates who are in the rear hope that their supporters will turn out in force during the final counts to help them mount comebacks.

With many more ballots to be counted, the contests for the 5th and 6th congressional districts in Oregon and the 3rd in Washington are all within a few thousand votes of one another. As U.S. House elections conclude across the nation, these will be widely monitored as both parties compete for control of Congress.

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Oregon And Washington’s Congressional Elections

Third District of Washington

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, a Democrat, maintained a slim lead over Joe Kent, a candidate backed by Donald Trump, in Southwest Washington. Her campaign is confident that it can unseat Republican U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler from the district, which she has held for more than a decade.

The Skamania County native and proprietor of an auto repair company lead Kent by 5.3 percentage points or almost 11,000 votes. In the district, there are still at least 80,000 ballots that need to be counted.

On Wednesday night, neither campaign released a comment.

Kent, a Yacolt resident and a career soldier who is now a politician, has been the clear favorite. He ran a resolute “America First” campaign with tight immigration laws as its centerpiece and pledges to rein in any alleged overreach by the federal government.

National forecasters believed Kent had a strong advantage in the district after he defeated Herrera Beutler in the primary. Trump won the district by four points in 2020.

The Gluesenkamp Perez campaign made an effort to strike a medium ground. Many of Herrera Beutler’s erstwhile Republican backers, who think Kent is too extreme, were courted by them. Late in the campaign, despite the fact that she was mostly neglected by national Democratic organizations, it enabled her to raise a sizable sum of money.

Even yet, Kent’s team reiterated Tuesday night that they thought later-arriving ballots would favor them. Kent has questioned Washington’s mail-in voting process and recommended people cast their ballots in person close to election day.

Votes received after Monday have not yet been counted in Clark County, the county with the highest population in the district, according to Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey’s statement to OPB. He stated that those ballots weren’t likely to post until Thursday.

5th District of Oregon Congressional Elections

Republican Lori Chavez-DeRemer retained her slim 3% lead over Democrat Jamie McLeod-Skinner in central Oregon. About 70% of the votes have been tallied by election officials.

It’s unknown how long it will take to announce a winner. Steven Dennison, the Deschutes County Clerk, told OPB that it’s difficult to predict how the continued arrival of thousands of mail-in ballots will affect individual races.

The two candidates are tied in the main population centers of the district, Deschutes and Clackamas counties, according to votes that have been tabulated thus far. Chavez-DeRemer currently has the advantage due to her overwhelming lead in the more rural portions of Linn and Marion counties.

On Tuesday night, McLeod-Skinner similarly expressed optimism that she would be able to make up the difference with additional Democratic votes that would later be tallied.

Going into Election Day, Chavez-DeRemer was somewhat ahead, with many analysts projecting that House Republicans may pick up the district. The 5th District has undergone significant redistricting, and it now has a more equal split between the two parties.

Chavez-DeRemer may become the first Latina to represent Oregon in Congress if she is elected. However, Chavez-campaign DeRemer has not spoken since the election results started to come on Tuesday night. As of Wednesday, the campaign had not posted anything about the results on social media or agreed to media interviews.

6th District of Oregon Congressional Elections

Unofficial results showed that Democrat Andrea Salinas continued to hold a slim lead over Republican businessman Mike Erickson in Oregon’s newest district.

As the counting of votes for Oregon’s 6th Congressional District went on Wednesday, Salinas had a lead of about 2 percentage points. On the basis of the total votes cast, Salinas has received just under 50%, according to the website of the Oregon Secretary of State.

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Larry McFarland, a candidate for the Constitution Party, may ultimately have an impact on the outcome of the contest as unofficial results currently place him at about 2% of the vote.

Oregon Congressional Elections Remain Close
Oregon Congressional Elections Remain Close

The new district, which includes counties on the western side of the Willamette Valley, will have its first congressman whoever wins the election. If elected, Salinas will join Chavez-DeRemer as the first Latina to represent the state in Congress.

Salinas ran a campaign with the goals of bringing down medical expenses and promoting workers’ rights.

Inflation and immigration were the main topics that Erickson focused on.

While results at the county level are still being tallied, Erickson was in the lead in Marion, Polk, and Yamhill counties, while Salinas held a sizable lead in Washington County and was in the lead in Clackamas County.

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