Tyson Foods Chief Financial Officer Detained After Reportedly Sleeping At The Wrong House

Tyson Foods Chief Financial Officer: The chief financial officer of Tyson Foods, John R. Tyson, was taken into custody early on Sunday morning when it was reported that he had been intoxicated and fallen asleep in the wrong residence.

In the Washington County Jail, John R. Tyson was given a booking number. (Photo courtesy of the Sheriff’s Office in Washington County)

A preliminary arrest report states that 32-year-old Tyson was discovered sleeping in a woman’s bed at her residence in Fayetteville, Arkansas, at approximately 2:00 in the morning. (The headquarters of Tyson are situated in Springdale, which is approximately 10 miles distant.)

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When the woman discovered Tyson, who she claimed she was unfamiliar with, she immediately phoned the police.

She informed the dispatchers that she had a suspicion that the front door was left unlocked, which is how the intruder gained access to the building. After the police came, they reported finding Tyson in the secondary bedroom with his clothes spread out in front of the bed. Officers utilized his driver’s license to positively identify him.

Tyson Foods Cheif Financial Officer Detained
Tyson Foods Cheif Financial Officer Detained

What Did Police Say About Tyson Foods Chief Financial Officer?

According to the police, they tried to wake Tyson up and talk to him, but he was unable to respond to them. According to the police report, after momentarily sitting up, Tyson then laid back down and made an attempt to go back to sleep.

According to the report, the officers noticed an odor of alcohol on his breath and body, and he looked to be moving in a lethargic and uncoordinated manner.

Tyson Foods Chief Financial Officer was taken into custody on allegations of committing criminal trespass and being intoxicated in public. After being taken to the Washington County Detention Center and having his paperwork processed, he was released that evening.

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On October 2, John R. Tyson, son of John H. Tyson, who serves as board chairman, was appointed to the role of Chief Financial Officer at Tyson Foods. In addition to that, he acts as the executive vice president of the corporation.

A representative for the corporation issued a statement in which he said, “We are aware of the occurrence; nevertheless, seeing as how this is a personal affair, we have no additional comment.”

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