A Commercial Tanzania Plane Crashed Kills 19 Into Lake Victoria

Commercial Tanzania Plane Crashed Kills 19: On Sunday, 19 passengers were killed when a Precision Air commercial flight from Tanzania to the United Kingdom crashed while landing in Lake Victoria due to severe weather.

Kassim Majaliwa, the prime minister of the country, has stated that all bodies from the jet are thought to have been found.

We are already beginning to remove passengers’ bags and other belongings from the plane. According to Majaliwa, “the process of identifying the dead and contacting the relatives has begun by a team of medics and security officials.”

In a revised statement released Sunday night, the airline confirmed the death toll and revised the number of survivors down to 24. The airline and local authorities had previously reported that 26 of the 43 passengers and crew had been saved.

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Precision Air wants the families and friends of the passengers and crew to know how sorry we are for their loss. The airline promised to help passengers in their time of need by providing them with “information and whatever assistance they may want.”

Once all of the passengers and crew’s next of kin have been notified, only then will the names of those on board be made public.

It had taken off from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s economic hub, and was headed to the village of Bukoba when it crashed into Lake Victoria as it was attempting to land, killing all forty people on board.

Social media users have shared footage of the scene, which shows rescuers in boats organizing the recovery of the airplane that has crashed into Lake Victoria.

Precision Air CEO

On Sunday in Dar es Salaam, Precision Air CEO Patrick Mwanri looked obviously upset while addressing to media.

While explaining that the plane had taken off at 6 a.m. local time and was due in the lakeside town of Bukoba in the country’s northwest at 8:30 a.m., Mwanri’s voice cracked and he paused to wipe away tears.

A Commercial Plane Crashed Into Tanzania
Commercial Tanzania Plane Crashed Kills 19

However, “at 8.53 a.m. our Operations Control Center got a report that that aircraft had not arrived,” he added in a televised address.

The airport’s runway presumably begins adjacent to Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest freshwater lake, and the crash happened during the final approach.

Officials in the area have speculated that the disaster was caused by the severe weather, citing the torrential rain and high gusts that hit the region at the time.

To facilitate communication with passengers’ loved ones, the regional airline has set up a Crisis Management Center and information centers in Bukoba and Dar es Salaam.

We still didn’t get any information from an airplane pilot. Everybody wants to know about the cause of a very big mishappening. As we get the information we will update you soon.

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Posts on social media showed the jet buried almost entirely, with only the green and yellow livery on the tail sticking out of the water. While rescue workers were still at the crash site, Tanzania’s president went to social media to urge calm.

Sunday, President Samia Suluhu Hassan tweeted, “I have heard with grief the report of the crash of the Precision Air flight near Lake Victoria, in the Kagera region.”

“I have received with regret the information of the plane crash of Precision Corporation in Lake Victoria, Kagera region. I send my condolences to all those affected by this accident. Let’s continue to be calm while the rescue operation continues while we ask Allah to help us.

My heart goes out to everyone who has been impacted by this tragedy. Please remain calm while we continue our rescue mission and ask God to grant us success.

The Dar es Salaam hub of Precision Air, a Tanzanian airline.

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