During The Pandemic, Income Inequality In Oregon Hit A Record High

Income Inequality In Oregon: According to recently released tax data, the level of income disparity in Oregon reached new heights during the pandemic.

The anticipated median income of Oregonians had a decline in the year 2020. On the other hand, the top one percent of earners, which included the billionaire owners of Nike and Columbia, had an average growth of almost 11% over this time period.

The Oregon Center for Public Policy compiled this analysis for your perusal. An economist with the state named Josh Lehner stated that early data suggests an even greater difference in 2021.

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However, according to Lehner, income inequality may be decreasing at this time because the stock market has leveled off and wage increases for the lowest earners are outpacing inflation.


“Some pretty large salary rises are being generated as a result of the tight labor market,” which makes it difficult to find people.

According to Lehner, the conditions in Oregon are on par with the trends seen nationally. An analyst with the OCPP named Tyler Mac Innis is urging the state of California to raise taxes on people who make the most money.

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