Timber Unity Is Supporting These Mid-Willamette Races With Brand Awareness

Timber Unity Is Supporting These Mid-Willamette Races: The power behind the far-right political action committee known as Timber Unity to influence the General Election in 2022 does not come in the form of money as other political action committees do; rather, it comes in the form of endorsements.

The political organization and lobbying concern has provided endorsements in 50 different contests that will be decided on the ballot on November 8. These races include four in the mid-Willamette Valley for would-be state House representatives and the position of Linn County sheriff.

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How it began

Approximately two and a half years ago, a timber executive came out of the woodworks to voice his opposition to restrictive environmental legislation that was making its way through the Oregon House.

Timber Unity was created on the early gift of an industry stalwart and swiftly established itself in opposition to House Bill 2020. Timber Unity began as a Facebook group and quickly transitioned into a political action committee within a couple of weeks.

The cap-and-trade legislation would have imposed steadily stricter regulations on the number of greenhouse gases that can be released into the atmosphere. The establishment of standards would put pressure on polluters to reduce their output over the course of several decades, with the ultimate goal of bringing emissions down to zero.

Timber Unity Is Supporting These Mid-Willamette Races
Timber Unity Is Supporting These Mid-Willamette Races

As a result of the fact that the most significant polluters would have been the ones to suffer the most severe consequences, Republican lawmakers and conservative supporters came to the rescue of power firms and manufacturers that were dependent on transportation.

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Senators affiliated with the Republican party have left the chamber floor. And gatherings organized by Timber Unity centered on presenting a populist image of the resistance movement. These rallies were supported by members of armed right-wing militias known as Three Percenters and Oath Keepers, who promised to transport and protect senators who were evading capture.

Andrew Miller is the president of several additional Oregon-based businesses in addition to his role as president of Stimson Lumber. Since the beginning of the 2010s, he has contributed more than an amount equal to around $400,000 to various political initiatives in Oregon.

In June 2019, Miller made the very first cash contribution that was recorded by Timber Unity. It was $5,000. Eight days later, at the end of June, senators returned to their jobs, by which time the political action committee had raised $30,915 and House Bill 2020 was no longer alive.

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