A Proposed Measure Might Make Oregon The First State To Guarantee Universal Access To Healthcare

Guarantee Universal Access To Healthcare: People in Oregon will have the opportunity to vote on health care via an initiative that will be on the ballot in November. In the event that Measure 111 is successful, it will propose an amendment to the state constitution that will make Oregon the first state in the nation to guarantee that everyone has access to health care.

The argument made by supporters of Oregon Measure 111 regarding the significance of having access to medical care was described as being obvious.

A vote of “yes” would “force the state to ensure affordable healthcare access,” as stated in the brochure that voters were given in the state. The state is required to strike a balance between the funding it provides for healthcare and the funds it provides for schools and other critical services, and the courts are required to respect this balance.”

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The idea of codifying health care for all residents of Oregon has been brought up in the state legislature on multiple occasions, but it has consistently been shot down. The Legislature, in which Democrats have a majority, decided to submit the subject to the people one year ago, which is why it will be on the ballot on November 8.

Physical therapist and active member of the Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals Hannah Winchester is one of Hannah Winchester’s many professional accomplishments.
Winchester is quoted as saying, “I believe Measure 111 is a really fantastic opportunity to reiterate the aim that every Oregonian should have access to quality and necessary health care.”

Opponents of the legislation have stated that it is too ambiguous and does not provide any financial protection for the state, either in terms of the cost of ensuring access to health care or the danger of being sued if it fails to provide access to health care.

Guarantee Universal Access To Healthcare
Guarantee Universal Access To Healthcare

In a letter he submitted in opposition to the plan, Senate Minority Leader Fred Girod stated, “The Democrats are well aware that they cannot make good on the promises made by this law. The bill does not provide any funding for any mechanism that could fulfil that promise.”

A health care expert and the primary author of the bill, State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, wrote in support of the legislation, “If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that without access to high-quality, affordable healthcare, our communities cannot prosper.”

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Winchester is aware that, if the measure is approved, there will be many nuances to iron out, but he adds, “I believe it is really important to state the goal in a way that is both succinct and very clear, and that goal is that health care is a human right, and it should be awarded to each and every person in Oregon.

Tina Kotek, a contender for the Democratic nomination for governor, endorses the initiative and characterises its purpose as “mainly aspirational.”

Christine Drazan, the candidate for the Republican party, is opposed to Measure 111 due to the probable consequences on the budget. Betsy Johnson, who is running as an independent candidate, cast her vote against the law while she was a state senator; however, she has stated that she will carry out the mandate if the people of Oregon support it and if it is possible to do so financially.

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