Officials In Oregon Are Conducting An Investigation After The Discovery Of Two Dead Bears In Trees

Officials In Oregon Are Conducting An Investigation: Officials in the state of Oregon are looking for information regarding two black bears that were discovered in trees in the same area at separate periods. An arrow had apparently been used to kill one of these bears, as its body was discovered nearby. In addition to that, it had two bullet holes in it when it was found.

The second was discovered a few days after the first. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has determined that this particular animal’s fatal injury was “inflicted by humans.”

Officials in Oregon Are Being Informed About Dead Bears That Have Been Shot with an Arrow or a Gun
Reports indicate that on the afternoon of Saturday, October 29, the Wildlife Division of the Oregon State Police issued a news release revealing the discovery of the first dead black bear in Jackson County, which is located in the state of Oregon. A few distances away from the Talent area is where the event took place. According to the statement, initial reports from the authorities indicated that the animal had been shot by an arrow “in its flesh.”

However, after conducting additional research, officials from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife discovered that the animal had also been shot twice by a gun. The wildlife specialists contacted the Jackson County Fire Department so that they could get assistance moving the carcass so that they could continue their study.

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In the same location, the body of a second bear was discovered. After Only a Couple of Days
A second dead black bear was found in a tree in the same general region of Jackson County just a few days after the first discovery. The Oregon State Police believe that this particular black bear had been up in the tree for a considerable amount of time before it was discovered.

The officers discovered the black bear in a deteriorated state when they arrived at the scene. It has not yet been determined what exactly caused this bear’s death. However, according to the state police, its demise was most likely “caused by human beings.”

Oregon Are Conducting An Investigation
Oregon Are Conducting An Investigation

Anyone who may have information is urged to get in touch with the Oregon State Police at the following number: 1-800-452-7888. People who have information can also send it by text message to *OSP (*677), or they can email it to

After eluding authorities for several days, a little bear was discovered safe and well in a tree.
Crews from Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) have been keeping themselves busy this fall in their search for a lost bear cub. It had been days since wildlife officers had any success in capturing the bear, according to the accounts. Even more shocking was the fact that it showed up without warning in a middle school.

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Despite this, the wildlife experts from Colorado were able to track down the bear in the end. This transpired after they were given information indicating that the young animal was snoozing in a tree. The youngster was swiftly taken into custody by the CPW after they arrived at the private property where the animal had been observed.

According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife report, “Thanks to the cooperation of Lower Valley Fire and Fruita PD, wildlife officials were able to remove the cub safely out of the tree.” After being brought down to the ground in a controlled manner, he was then transported to a wildlife rehabilitation center in order to be examined.

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