In Oregon’s Governor’s Race, Democrats Tina Kotek And Christine Drazan Will Square Off

Democrats Tina Kotek And Christine Drazan Will Square Off

  • In the contest for governor of Oregon, there are five candidates vying for the position, including Democrat Tina Kotek, Republican Christine Drazan, independent Betsy Johnson, and three others.
  • One of the 36 gubernatorial elections that will take place in 2022, this race is shaping up to be a close one.
    If she wins the election, Kotek will make history by becoming the first openly lesbian governor in the country.
  • In the race for governor of Oregon, Democratic candidate Tina Kotek squares off against Republican contender Christine Drazan, along with a slate of other candidates.

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Oregon’s Gubernatorial Candidates

Kotek was the first out lesbian to hold the position of speaker of any state legislature in the United States. She served as speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives from 2013 until 2022, making her the speaker with the longest tenure in the state’s history and the first out lesbian to hold the position.

Democratic Senators Jeff Merkley, Ron Wyden, and Elizabeth Warren, as well as the Governor of Oregon Kate Brown, who is leaving her position due to term limitations, have all given their support to Kotek.

Drazan is currently a member of the Oregon House of Representatives, where she served as the representative for the 39th District from the year 2019 until the year 2022’s first month in office. Only a few short months after being elected, she was selected by her colleagues to take on the role of minority leader in the state House.

Drazan rejected the emergency COVID-19 directives issued by the governor of Oregon and battled against the implementation of higher taxes while serving as the Republican leader of the Oregon House.

Tina Kotek And Christine Drazan Will Square Off
Tina Kotek And Christine Drazan Will Square Off

Before Drazan ran for office himself, he worked as the head of staff for the Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, Mark Simmons.

In addition to Paul Romero and R. Leon Noble, the independent Betsy Johnson, Donice Smith, and Paul Romero are all running for governor. Even while none of these candidates are likely to win, Johnson, in particular, has the potential to reduce Kotek’s vote total and bring the competition closer than was originally anticipated.

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The History Of Voting In Oregon

In the 2020 election, Biden won Oregon by a margin of 16 percentage points over President Donald Trump. Since 1988, in every single presidential election, voters in this state have cast their ballots in support of the Democratic candidate. In addition to that, from the year 1986, the state has always chosen a Democrat to serve as governor.

The Race For The Money

According to the data kept by the campaign finance committee, Kotek has spent only $18.4 million of the almost $21.4 million that he has raised since the beginning of 2021. Johnson has raised a little more than $16.9 million and spent $16.1 million, while Drazan’s opponent has raised $17 million and spent about $16.3 million.

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