How To Cast Your Ballot In Oregon

Next Tuesday, Nov. 8, is Election Day. However, in Oregon and Washington, where voting has already been taking place for more than a week, it may be more accurate to refer to this day as the day the election concludes.

Your ballot ought to have arrived in the mail by this point if you are registered to vote in Oregon or Washington. Well done if you’ve already submitted it! Think of this as a reminder if you haven’t.

How To Guarantee To Receive A Ballot?

Priorities first To receive a ballot, you must be a registered voter. Unfortunately, it’s too late for you if you haven’t registered to vote in Oregon yet; the deadline passed two weeks ago. Despite not receiving a ballot for the current election, you can still register.

Although the deadline to register online was October 31, you can still register and vote in the current election if you live in Washington up until 8 p.m. on Election Day. At this time, a county elections office is where you must go to complete the process in person.

But what if, despite being registered, you haven’t yet received a ballot? The moment has come to see if there was a problem in that case.

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Making sure your accurate address is on file can be done online using the My Vote system from the Oregon Secretary of State or the VoteWA website from the Washington Secretary of State.

Ballot Trax in Multnomah County is one of the technologies available in the majority of jurisdictions for checking the status of your ballot. Once you’ve submitted a ballot, you can utilize this mechanism to make sure it was received and counted.

You can ask for a new ballot from your county elections office if you’ve misplaced your original or discover that it was delivered somewhere else. You won’t have to worry about mistakenly submitting two ballots because doing so will automatically cancel your initial ballot.

How To Cast Your Ballot In Oregon
How To Cast Your Ballot In Oregon

How To Cast Your Vote?

There’s no need to worry if you’ve already received your ballot but haven’t gotten around to submitting it. You still have plenty of time, and you’re not alone; as of Wednesday, only approximately 21% of Oregon voters had submitted their ballots.

Your ballot can be returned in person at a drop box or by mail. In either case, after filling it out, the first thing to do is to reseal it within the return envelope that came with your ballot. Your ballot will not be accepted without a signature for validation, so don’t forget to sign the back of the envelope.

It’s simple to return your ballot by mail; just place it in the mailbox with your other outgoing mail. Return envelopes from Oregon and Washington are pre-paid and don’t require stamps. Additionally, you can drop off your ballot in person at a drop box. Online maps for Oregon and Washington allow you to search for drop-box locations nearby.

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The deadline to turn in your ballot is 8 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, regardless of how you’re submitting it or whatever state you reside in. To be tallied, every ballot must be either in a drop box or mailed with a postmark by that time.

In both states, mail-in ballots that are received after the cutoff and are postmarked by election day at 8 p.m. will still be counted. In Oregon, they must be received no later than a week following election day.

If you wait until the last minute to turn in your ballot and it’s 7 p.m. on November 8 then you should definitely be looking for a drop box rather than a mailbox because mail doesn’t be postmarked until it’s been picked up and processed.

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