Candidates For Governor Of Oregon On Resolving The State’s Homelessness Crisis

Oregon On Resolving The State’s Homelessness Crisis: Three of Oregon’s major contenders for governor have outlined their strategies for addressing the state’s homelessness epidemic as Governor Kate Brown’s term draws to a close.

While all three candidatesβ€”Democrat Tina Kotek, Republican Christine Drazan, and independent Betsy Johnsonβ€”say there is no easy fix, they all have suggestions on how to start assisting the thousands of people who are homeless across the state.

If you look at my plan, which is posted on my website, it talks about concentrating on specific populations. First off, we all know who they are: veterans, parents with children, and young people who have left foster care. We have far too many elderly people living on the streets. So let’s move forward.

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We have resources right away, so our focused outreach teams are working with people living on the streets to connect them to services and find them housing, according to Kotek. Project Turnkey, which turns motels into shelters, is something I want to see a lot more of.

“When it comes to serving the needs of people who are facing behavioral health challenges, mental health challenges, the state needs to support that workforce, we need to attract more people to these fields, and we need to improve reimbursement rates so people choose these fields and then they can sustain their businesses to provide those supports,” says Drazan in the meantime.

There doesn’t seem to be any feeling of urgency, there is a lot of money, and not-for-profit organizations are multiplying, according to Johnson. “Everyone believes that someone else is at fault. The day after the election, if I were governor, I would gather social service, addiction, behavioral health, and law enforcement personnel to determine specific accountable steps.

In order to release funds and make it simpler to find shelters, the three candidates agree that they will proclaim a statewide homeless emergency.

Oregon On Resolving The State's Homelessness Crisis
Oregon On Resolving The State’s Homelessness Crisis

The candidates also discussed how to offer better-organized camping areas.

Kotek stated, “I don’t think that having a vast room where you put a thousand people will work. “Because people won’t do it, won’t feel safe, and won’t continue to participate. Throwing people into a large place won’t help if the aim is to engage with them one-on-one to help them find housing.

“That being said, I support numerous solutions – traditional shelters, villages, what they’re doing at Bybee Lake – all of these things have to be both supported and worked upon,” she adds.

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Drazan said, “We know that the bulk of folks who are homeless and living on our streets without shelter in fact do struggle with addiction. “A lot of people are self-medicating at this point to be able to manage that, to be able to live through that experience, regardless of what brought you to that position, where you’re living without shelter.

We must understand that this is more complicated than merely handing someone the key to a little house and hoping for the best. Because of the trauma and experience involved, support will be needed, and the state is the ideal place to provide it.

Johnson declared, “I would definitely lean more toward a smaller facility than a huge one. To prevent disorder in a sizable…multi-thousand-person encampment, you would need enforcement and the ability to, I’m going to use the word “police,” a facility wherever it is.

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