Oregon Gas Prices Are Still Among The Highest In The Country Despite Falling More Quickly Than Most States

Oregon Gas Prices Are Still Among The Highest: The price of gasoline continued its downward trend for a third week in a row, with Oregon recording one of the greatest weekly price declines in the country.

This week, the price of a gallon of regular gas in Oregon dropped to $4.95, an 11-cent decrease from the previous week’s average price of $4.98. Only in Alaska and California did prices fall more significantly. The cost of living in Oregon, on the other hand, is the fourth highest in the nation.

The national average dropped to $3.76 a gallon, which is a two-cent decrease from the previous week’s average. And the average price in Portland is currently $5.06, which is 12 cents less than it was one week ago.

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According to Marie Dodds of AAA Oregon/Idaho, it is typical for gas prices to drop at this time of the year, and the drops are expected to continue in the foreseeable future. She stated that numerous oil refineries on the West Coast were undergoing maintenance, which restricted supplies, which led to an unusual jump in prices around the end of September. However, the drop occurred after the unusual surge.

Because of the significant increase in the cost of crude oil, gas prices in Oregon and the rest of the country reached all-time highs earlier this year. The price of a barrel of crude oil hit a high of $122.11 on June 8, and it remained in the region of $95 to $110 the following month. Since the 10th of October, the price of a barrel of crude oil has been lower than $90.

Oregon Gas Prices Are Still Among The Highest
Oregon Gas Prices Are Still Among The Highest

At the beginning of this year, when Russia invaded Ukraine, gas prices also shot through the roof. The United States and a number of other nations imposed severe sanctions on Russia, one of the leading oil producers in the world, which led to a decrease in supplies and an increase in the cost of gasoline.

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Oregon had the fourth-highest prices in the country, ranking just behind California, Hawaii, and Nevada, which had the highest costs. Prices in California are still the highest in the nation, at $5.54 per gallon. Only the state of California and the state of Hawaii currently have prices that are over $5 per gallon.

The cost of a gallon of gas in Curry County, Oregon, is currently roughly $5.54, making it the most expensive county in the state. The price of gasoline in Coos County and Josephine County is both averaging $5.24 per gallon, while the price of gasoline in Multnomah County is averaging $5.17 per gallon. At the moment, the price of gasoline in Malheur County is the lowest it can be anywhere in the state, averaging at $4.53 per gallon.

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