Second Extension Granted To Oregon State Hospital To Address Worker Safety Violations

The Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration has given the Oregon State Hospital a second extension, which will allow them until February 28 to rectify the worker safety issues for which they were cited and penalized. These problems were found by the OSHA (OSHA).

The original date for addressing the three violations had been pushed out to Tuesday, but the hospital submitted a new request for an extension, which Oregon OSHA stated it approved.

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The hospital was issued a fine of $54,180 in September after being charged by the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for one willful and two other-than-serious infractions. The hospital has already paid the fine because it did not contest the citations that were issued to it.

Following an inquiry that was initiated by an anonymous complaint regarding the hospital’s failure to address staff safety concerns, the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued the citations.

Second Extension Granted To Oregon State Hospital
Second Extension Granted To Oregon State Hospital

According to the findings of the OSHA inquiry, the state hospital had failed to investigate and put into place preventative measures for the regular patient assaults on personnel, which frequently led to employee injuries. The examination also found that the hospital did not keep adequate records of the wounds and injuries sustained by its employees.

OSHA’s investigation report, which is more than 1,100 pages long and details several assaults on hospital workers, reveals that employees confront daily violent altercations with patients and are frequently wounded as a result of these incidents.

According to information provided by Oregon OSHA to the Statesman Journal on Monday, when Oregon State Hospital requested an extension, they certified that interim actions were being taken to remedy the breaches.

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The hospital listed the following as current actions it is addressing:

  • Examining reported assaults to identify preventative measures
  • Examining lost-time injury investigations
  • Evaluating current reporting and data systems and accumulating data to improve the assault log
  • Ensuring that OR-OSHA receives reports of injuries and illnesses in a “timely manner”

The state hospital must remedy all infractions by February 28 and send Oregon OSHA an official letter of corrective action.

Long-term strategies by the hospital to address the OSHA breaches include:

  • Building software systems and deciding on internal procedures for accident investigation
  • Constructing a database and assault log system for the facilities of the Oregon State Hospital in Salem and Junction City
  • Constructing a system to make sure that injuries are monitored and handled within a week

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