Oregon Mayors Demand More Money To Combat Homelessness

More than two dozen mayors from around the state of Oregon have come together to make a joint request to state lawmakers for additional funding from the state’s taxpayers to assist in the fight against the homelessness epidemic.

In a letter that was only recently addressed to the Oregon legislature, the Oregon Mayors Association asked for funding, stating that annual financing of $123 million is required so that it can be distributed across the state’s communities.

On Monday afternoon, a number of mayors from different Oregon cities provided more arguments for why the financing is necessary.

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The mayor of Beaverton, Lacey Beaty, stated that despite the fact that the city has a major financial stake in the outcome of the situation, the city’s budget is unable to cover all of the necessary expenses to find a solution. According to the most recent figures done by Portland State University, “We are recommending that each community be granted $40 per citizen, with no city being given less than $50,000.”

Oregon Mayors Demand More MoneyOregon Mayors Demand More Money
Oregon Mayors Demand More Money

According to North Plains Mayor Teri Lenahan, every municipality faces its own distinct difficulties, and a “one-size-fits-all solution won’t work for every city” approach won’t be effective in any of them.

In their response to the letter sent by the OMA, the leaders of the Oregon House of Representatives provided an overview of the money that the state had invested in homeless services over the course of the past two years.

Every mayor in the coalition is of the opinion that utilizing money from taxpayers to find a solution to the situation is a non-partisan matter.

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Beth Wytoski, the Mayor of Dayton, was quoted as saying, “This is a human issue, and issue of safety and cleanliness and care and humanity and all kinds of things that really don’t care about Ds and Rs after your name.”

The Mayor of Gresham, Travis Stovall, stated that this problem has been “going on for far too long,” adding that it has been an issue for “far too long.”

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