Blue-state Campaign Strategy Of Chris Christie

This week, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie traveled to blue states New York, Colorado, and Oregon to campaign for moderate Republicans. These are areas where a Republican victory there would usher in a significant red wave.

Why these appearances are important: Christie, who is considering a run for the presidency in 2024, is making them as part of a coordinated political effort to assist in the formation of a broad coalition of Republican voters that may appeal to independents and moderate Democrats.

Christie spent the morning of Tuesday campaigning for Republican Mike Lawler, who is running against Sean Patrick Maloney, the candidate for House campaign chairman for the Democrats. In addition, he campaigned alongside Republican Marc Molinaro, an executive from Dutchess County, New York, who is running for office in a Hudson Valley seat that is currently undecided.

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Later in the week, he made a swing in Oregon to campaign for the Republican contender for governor, Christine Drazan, who is attempting to become the first Republican governor elected in the blue state since 1982. Drazan is running against her Democratic opponent, John Kitzhaber. In addition to that, he is assisting Lori Chavez-DeRemer, a Hispanic mayor who is in a favorable position to win a seat that Joe Biden easily took in the election of 2020.
On Saturday, Chris Christie went on the campaign trail for Joe O’Dea, who is running for the Senate in Colorado and is one of the only Republican nominees for the Senate who has stated that he will not support Donald Trump for reelection in 2024.

Blue-state Campaign Strategy Of Chris Christie
Blue-state Campaign Strategy Of Chris ChristieBlue-state CampaigBlue-state Campaign Strategy Of Chris Christien Strategy Of Chris Christie

The larger picture: If the Republicans are successful in retaking power thanks to a sizeable red wave, a significant number of the party’s majority-makers will be moderated hailing from districts that support Joe Biden. That would be good news for Republicans who are critical of Trump, like Christie, who would be seeking friends in 2024 who are not connected to the Make America Great Again campaign.

This is what they have to say: “This year brings back many memories of 2014, when I was chairman of the Republican Governors Association and many people felt it was crazy for me to spend money in Maryland, Massachusetts, and Illinois. In the end, we were victorious in capturing all three of those governorships “Axios was informed by Christie.

“When you have a climate like this, you press hard into those blue areas as long as we have the right candidates with the appropriate message,” Christie added. “But we do have the right candidates and we do have the right message.”
“The reason I want to collaborate with Republican candidates running for office in blue states is to increase the likelihood that we will have a caucus in the House of Representatives that is representative of the full breadth and depth of our party’s membership. And I believe that will provide Kevin McCarthy, who is currently serving as Speaker, with a really substantial governing majority so that he can get things done.”

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The basic fact is that according to the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter, Republicans have gained six seats that were previously held by Democrats. All of these seats are located in blue areas that were easily won by Biden.

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