Northwest Natural Is Increasing Their Prices

Northwest Natural Is Increasing Their Prices: A PORTLAND, Oregon β€” The Oregon Public Utility Commission has approved NW Natural’s rate increase. Since NW Natural serves over two million customers in Oregon and Southwest Washington with natural gas, the effects will be seen by tens of thousands of individuals.

The utility blames a rise in global demand and gas prices for the increase.

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Northwest Natural Is Increasing Their Prices

NW Natural has acknowledged that customers’ energy costs are already higher than usual as the weather turns chilly and has announced a delayed payment plan with temporary bill credits to help offset the impact of the increase. Consumers in Oregon’s residential market alone, not Oregon’s commercial or industrial markets.

Northwest Natural Is Increasing Their Prices
Northwest Natural Is Increasing Their Prices

NW Natural President and CEO David Anderson stated in a statement, “We recognize the hardship our customers are suffering right now when the expenses of common commodities – from the grocery store to the petrol pump – are rising up.” Thus, “we worked with our regulator and stakeholders to issue a temporary bill credit to our home clients to assist them in better managing their heating expenditures this winter.”

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The interest rate increase will be phased in gradually over the course of a year. Between November 1, 2022, and October 31, 2023, NW Natural says residential customers may expect a $14 monthly rise.

Oregon Energy Fund Director Brian Allbritton lamented, “So many people are really living paycheck to paycheck.” “An increase of $14 a month makes a tremendous difference, especially if you’re on a fixed income, and it forces individuals to make a choice about where they won’t spend money.”

The Oregon Energy Fund is a nonprofit that assists customers whose utilities are about to be disconnected. It is recommended that anyone in need of utility assistance or who wishes to make a donation check out the group’s website.

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