Oregon’s Governorship Attracts National Attention And Resources

Oregon’s Governorship Attracts National Attention And Resources: PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) – The contest to become the next governor of Oregon is attracting the interest of people all around the country, as well as significant financial contributions and the backing of prominent politicians from other parts of the country.

Tina Kotek, a candidate for the Democratic nomination, participated in a campaign rally on Thursday in Portland alongside Bernie Sanders, a progressive senator from Vermont. Additionally, events attended by Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts were organized by Kotek’s campaign.

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Oregon’s Governorship Attracts National Attention And Resources

Christine Drazan invited Glenn Youngkin, the Republican governor of Virginia, to an event in Aurora that she was hosting for her campaign last week.
Professor of Political Science at Portland State University Jack Miller claimed that when a race is statistically deadlocked in the polls, whoever wins will be perceived as a national victory for their party. Miller made this statement in reference to the 2016 presidential election.

Miller stated that “during the 1990s, American elections have grown increasingly nationalized” (since the decade of the ’90s). The election of a Republican governor in a state with a deep blue state like Oregon will not add to a favorable narrative for progressive Democrats.

The vast amounts of money that each candidate has been able to raise is another consideration. On the website of the Oregon Secretary of State, it is stated that Christine Drazan has amassed around $19.2 million dollars throughout the course of her campaign. Tina Kotek has raised slightly under $25 million.

Oregon's Governorship Attracts National Attention
Oregon’s Governorship Attracts National Attention

But according to Miller, the money contributed by affluent donors could not have much of an impact. Especially considering how much money candidates spend on negative advertisements.
“A large number of the advertisements that we are seeing are very nasty, very dark, and they paint the opposition as radicals,” said Miller. “These advertisements are supported by super PACs and by wealthy individuals.” “And that, in general, has the effect of distancing people from politics.”

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According to Miller, the most efficient strategy for campaigns to win their races is to raise voter turnout by recruiting volunteers to canvass in their neighborhoods and towns. This may be done most effectively by encouraging more people to vote.
Additionally, the website of the Secretary of State provides a breakdown of the substantial donations from affluent contributors received by each candidate. Lately, the founder of Nike, Phil Knight, donated an additional $500,000 to Christine Drazan, and recently, the ex-wife of the founder of Microsoft, Melinda Gates, donated $10,000 to Tina Kotek. Both of these donations were made recently.

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