Natural Gas Prices In Oregon Will Rise Through November

Natural gas users in Oregon will start seeing an increase in their costs starting next month.

Customers of NW Natural, Cascade Gas, and Avista Utilities will see rate increases of at least 18% from the Oregon Public Utility Commission. The PUC said rate increases granted for the investor-owned utilities it oversees are a result of high natural gas prices and supply problems the commodity is experiencing globally.

Beginning November 1, Cascade Gas customers will experience a 25% increase. Customers of Avista Utilities will notice an 18% hike. After the utilities argued that customers should pay more to meet the growing wholesale costs of methane gas, both were allowed.

The first of two rate hikes that will be implemented in the coming months will start with a 14% increase for NW Natural customers on Nov. 1. The second hike, which would have brought the overall rate rise for NW Natural to 25%, will be postponed until March to account for the higher-than-normal winter heating expenditures. Due to the high cost of gas, charges were first raised. The second was used to cover the cost of accounting system replacement, maintenance, and repairs related to safety.

The deferral of a 25% rate hike, according to David Anderson, president and CEO of NW Natural, should help clients get through the winter’s hot months.

In a prepared statement, he said, “We appreciate the hardship our customers are experiencing right now as the expenses of basic necessities, from the grocery store to the petrol pump, are rising.

Megan Decker, chair of the Oregon Public Utility Commission, acknowledged these financial constraints.

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In a statement released on Thursday, Decker stated, “We know that raising rates at a time when Oregonians are already coping with significant inflation causes issues for many customers. “Unfortunately, the cost for utilities to buy natural gas is determined by global events. Although we were able to delay some of the effects for residential consumers, it is just impossible to prevent how these higher rates will affect customers.

The rate hikes occur at a time when the importance of natural gas as an energy source is being questioned in the societal discussion about restricting fossil fuels like coal and gasoline.

About 2.5 million people in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington receive natural gas from NW Natural, a fossil fuel primarily composed of methane.

The increases will be particularly painful for customers, according to Bob Jenks, executive director of the Oregon Citizens’ Company Board, especially given that the utility raised rates by 12% last year. He claimed that in order to make the price rises more manageable, his firm collaborated with NW Natural to stagger them out to the warmer months. A nonprofit organisation called the Citizens’ Utility Board represents residential customers throughout the state.

It is a sign that we can cooperate and attempt to further the interests of the customer, according to Jenks. “I really appreciate the company responding favourably and coming up with a rather original solution to alleviate some of the concerns,” the customer said.

NW Natural’s proposal for substantial increases in corporate revenues and advertising was denied by the Public Utility Commission. This was a significant victory for Oregonians, according to environmental justice and climate change advocacy groups.

Numerous groups and MPs demanded a probe earlier this year into what they alleged to be fraudulent advertising by NW Natural, including the use of a children’s activity book to promote the company’s methane-based fossil fuel as a “clean” energy source.

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