Isabella Ellsworth Of Oregon Was Crowned Miss Teen USA 2023

Isabella Ellsworth Of Oregon Was Crowned Miss Teen USA 2023: A senior at Adrienne C. Nelson High School in Happy Valley, California, and the reigning princess of the Rose Festival, she is now competing at the national level.
Isabella Ellsworth, a resident of Happy Valley, Oregon, was crowned Miss Oregon Teen USA on October 15. Her mother expressed her delight and pride in her daughter’s accomplishment.

She worked so hard, and I’m so glad I got to share this with her, said Kristin Ellsworth. She then pondered her daughter’s thoughts. But her daughter didn’t have time for reflection; the other contenders quickly encircled her to express their joy at her victory and assurance that she would go on to great things as Miss America.

Isabella mentioned that getting to know the other females in the tournament was her favorite part, saying, “I’m still getting messages from them days later.” Evidently, she is most excited about making friends with the 49 other finalists at the national tournament in 2023.

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Isabella Ellsworth Of Oregon Was Crowned Miss Teen USA 2023

“The Super Bowl Of Pageants”

“I want to walk that platform, taking up the moment,” Isabella added, referring to the Miss USA and Teen USA pageants as “the Super Bowl of pageants.”
The state winner was a 17-year-old senior at Happy Valley, Washington‘s Adrienne C. Nelson High School. She received a $300 academic scholarship from Pageants NW for having a nearly perfect 4.0 GPA, and the Girl Boss Award, sponsored by the clothing brand NanaMacs, was worth $400. A delegate who is unafraid to go after her goals is honored with the Girl Boss Award.

In addition, the Charles W. Herbster Foundation awarded her a $2,000 stipend to help her continue her education at the undergraduate, graduate, or professional level.

Clothing And Accessories For Women From Izzy

Isabella competed in the state pageant’s interview, fitness, and evening gown categories. Each competitor is expected to bring a project aimed at raising awareness about a cause close to their heart: Shop for Girls’ Stuff at Izzy’s, aka Isabella’s.
She has an extensive collection of sporting gear that she donates to underprivileged girls.

Isabella Ellsworth
Isabella Ellsworth

She said, “Sports are expensive and money should not be a problem” for girls to participate on a sports team, and that she plans to take her idea statewide.

She praised the diversity and responsibility of her generation in an interview before the contest. “The way we treat one another is just as important as recycling. My generation is not colorblind, but rather, we embrace each other for who we are “Isabella said.

Crowned Rose Queen

In the spring of 2020, Isabella was chosen to represent the newly opened Nelson High School as the Rose Festival princess.
“My school has just recently begun to give customs formal names. Such a wonderful event; I pray it kicks off a new tradition and encourages other ladies to do the same “the woman declared.

She credits the program with giving her the self-assurance, public-speaking skills, and poise she required to win the Miss Teen USA Pageant.

When asked about her time with us, Isabella stated, “Our travels and going out into the community talking to strangers was fulfilling, but it also pushed me out of my comfort zone and I got new experiences.”

Schools That Offer Degrees In Nursing

Isabella, a senior at Owen Sabin-Ben Schellenberg Professional Technical Center, is taking the first steps toward achieving her goal of becoming a pediatric nurse by participating in the school’s Health Services Program.
She had to stay in the hospital when she was in third grade, and the kindness of the pediatric nurses there profoundly affected her attitude on life.

I want to treat children the way they treated me,” Isabella remarked. She advanced her nursing education on November 1 by volunteering to observe nurses at Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center’s post-operative and short-stay wards. She plans to observe at first, but also gain experience through direct participation.

Doing Good For Other People

Isabella is on the varsity softball team, is an officer in the National Honor Society, and is on the Associated Student Body at Nelson High School.


Isabella’s mother said that her daughter is so active that there are days when she looks at her and wonders if she is all right.

“The fact that she cannot say “no” is her one and only flaw. However, she manages to get through despite it all every time “According to what Kristin had to say.

Isabella is involved in PDX Concierge, a student-run, free grocery delivery service for the elderly, immunocompromised, and disabled.

A few of her regular customers only contact her since they know she will double-check their orders every time. With regard to Isabella’s elevated status, “It’s not about trophies or ribbons. She has a good nature and will make an effort to serve others more.”

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