Shemia Fagan Discusses Oregon Voter Intimidation

Shemia Fagan Discusses Oregon Voter Intimidation: PARKLAND, Oregon (KOIN) β€” After a series of incidents, including the appearance of armed persons at polling booths in one county of Arizona, authorities have decided to increase security at ballot drop boxes across the state.

Concerned about the possibility of voter intimidation, KOIN 6 News spoke with elections authorities and the FBI about allegations of election fraud being spread by some groups and even local politicians in the Pacific Northwest.

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This Monday, the Oregon U.S. Attorney’s office announced the appointment of two district elections officers to investigate allegations of voter intimidation and threats against election officials and staff.

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Shemia Fagan Discusses Oregon Voter Intimidation

The Arizona Secretary of State had just forwarded six separate incidents of voter intimidation to federal authorities before making the statement in question.

The Oregon Secretary of State, Shemia Fagan, was interviewed by KOIN 6 News to find out if her department has received any complaints regarding this matter. No reports of voter intimidation at the polls or elsewhere have been received, according to Fagan, who recently visited all 36 county elections offices. However, they have overheard people discussing their plans to observe drop boxes on social media.

Shemia Fagan Discusses Oregon Voter Intimidation
Shemia Fagan Discusses Oregon Voter Intimidation

In other words, this is a brand-new phenomenon. It seems to be based on a conspiracy film (I won’t reveal the name) that makes the claim that individuals were stuffing drop boxes. Fagan categorically refuted this claim.

Fagan stated that this encouraged them to distribute voting rights posters to all elected offices.

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There have been no credible threats reported to the FBI‘s Portland office, which KOIN 6 News also contacted. However, Special Agent in Charge Kieran Ramsey has stated that a command center will be open around the clock leading up to and including Election Day.

For “exceptional scenarios,” Ramsey explained, “we establish 24-hour command posts.” To reiterate, “we need to make sure that this is a safe and secure election, and that all eligible voters are able to freely exercise their right to vote,” and “we need to make sure that we are appropriately postured and appropriately partnered with our partners in state, federal, and local government.”

Fagan advises voters to consider the new postmark requirement before dropping off their ballots. Votes that are mailed by Election Day but don’t arrive until a week later are counted.

Votes can be submitted in the same methods as in previous years (i.e., at designated drop boxes) or by placing them in a mailbox with a flag indicating that it has been voted on. “A ballot that is mailed in and receives a postmark on or before Election Day is considered to have been cast on time, even if it arrives in the county clerk’s office up to seven days later,” she explained.

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