Coronavirus Cases And Hospitalizations In Oregon Are Still Going Down

With 35% fewer infections than the week before, Oregon health officials reported a sustained reduction in known coronavirus cases this week.

The number of reported cases is roughly where it was in the post-surge trough Oregon experienced in March, with around 330 new infections recorded on average each day during the past week. Testing has decreased as well, albeit only by 13%. Given that at-home tests are not required to be reported to the state, reported cases are typically believed to be an underestimate.

An examination conducted by the federal government that takes into account illnesses and hospitalizations shows that as of October 20, no counties in Oregon had high “community levels” of COVID-19. Medium amounts were present in five counties: Josephine, Jackson, Klamath, Lake, and Grant.

According to an Oregon Health & Science University investigation, local and national health experts have warned that the coronavirus could reemerge this fall, with the potential for infections to reach the second-highest level of any increase throughout the pandemic. According to OHSU’s Oct. 14 research, the concurrent rise in hospital admissions may peak in mid-December.

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Wastewater data, a different way to track the frequency of illnesses, might show a rise in the virus. According to state data, infection levels were showing signs of a “continuous increase” at monitoring stations in Portland and Grants Pass as of approximately a week ago. The majority of the other 30 or so active sites exhibit no variation in infection levels in their local populations. Data from the previous week indicates that infection levels have consistently decreased at sites in Canby, Silverton, Eugene, and Ashland.

Since it started, Oregon has reported 8,680 fatalities and 908,188 confirmed or suspected infections.

Hospitalizations: 238 confirmed coronavirus infections are being treated in hospitals, a decrease of 12 from Wednesday, October 19. Intensive care patients are now number 31, an increase of 10 from October 19.

35 further deaths linked to COVID-19 have been documented since October 19 by the Oregon Health Authority.

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