Senator Ron Wyden Supports Community Pharmacy And Preschool Legislation In Southern Oregon

Senator Ron Wyden Supports Community Pharmacy: Located in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon – Earlier today, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden traveled to Southern Oregon to meet with constituents and hear their perspectives on the Inflation Reduction Act and preschool. Checking out both Medford and Grants Pass.

As the past president of the National Community Pharmacists Association, Michele Blecher, owner of the Grants Pass Pharmacy, met with Senator Wyden this morning. While the passage of the measure is good news for seniors and independent pharmacies, they also discussed problems with the administration of the Tri-care pharmacy program.

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Senator Ron Wyden Supports Community Pharmacy

Just recently, Tri-Care entered into a partnership with Express Scripts, a pharmaceutical services provider. Senator Ron Wyden has expressed concern that this arrangement may lead to the loss of thousands of independent pharmacies participating in the Tri-care program.

The United States military and their families have access to the Tricare pharmacy program, which offers a range of medical services. Patients at Blecher are affected by this program that helps many people in Southern Oregon.

If Michele is not out helping the community’s military families, then the elderly will be forced to wait longer than necessary for their medications. Wyden says, “I will not stand for that.

Patients, according to Blecher, are upset that they are being denied autonomy. She is relieved that Senator Wyden is making an effort to assist individuals who may be harmed by the potential cuts to healthcare, she says.

Along with supporting local pharmacies in Southern Oregon, Senator Wyden has also spoken out about the importance of investing in our youngest learners. While in Medford, he stopped by the Children’s Museum of Southern Oregon, which had recently reopened.

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It is important to bring attention to the 1.17 million dollars that will be committed to early learning childcare support in low-income and underserved areas in Southern Oregon.

Oregon’s Senator Wyden has made it clear he wants to see the label of “childcare desert” removed from the state. This is to say, in a region with more than 50 children under the age of five and no or so few daycare providers that there are more children than open slots for early childcare facilities.

Senator Ron Wyden Supports Community Pharmacy And Preschool Legislation In Southern Oregon
Senator Ron Wyden Supports Community Pharmacy And Preschool Legislation In Southern Oregon

Supporters of investing in early childhood education, such as Representative Pam Marsh and Medford School District Superintendent Dr. Bret Champion, joined him at the rally.

Dr. Champion believes this will help those who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to receive the high-quality care offered at his institution.

Because early childhood is so important for brain development, Senator Wyden adds, “we’ve discovered that if you don’t get there early – you play catch-up ball forever.”

Fewer than one-third of children in Oregon, like those in 11 other states, have access to a suitable daycare facility. For the benefit of Southern Oregon’s low-income and underserved communities, $1.17 million will be dedicated to helping improve early learning and childcare capacity.

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