Oregon Police Rescued A Woman Tied To A Bridge And Covered In Blood

After police rescued a woman who they found bloody and tied up while begging for aid from a bridge, the suspect was taken into custody and charged with kidnapping as well as assault.

An officer was dispatched to the Yaquina Bay Bridge late on Friday night in response to a report of building materials being scattered across the roadway, according to a news release issued by the Newport Police Department. While the police were cleaning up the roadway, he heard someone crying for assistance. The officer located the victim and “saw that they had blood all over their face and head, a laceration to the back of the skull, and their wrists were tied securely behind their back.”

The victim told the police that she had been with the man who attacked her when he abruptly hit her in the head with a weapon and tackled her to the ground in Yaquina Bay State Park. The victim said that she had been with the man when he attacked her. The victim reported to the police that she had been “hog-tied” with shoelaces and rope, and the perpetrator had then fled the scene with all of the victim’s personal items.

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According to some other news channels:

The police determined that the suspect was Thomas Brannies and immediately started looking for him along with his vehicle.

The police located Brannies’ car shortly after 3 am and stated that the vehicle had things that had been stolen from the victim.

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