A Jury In Oregon Has Awarded $6 Million To Former Jack In The Box Employees

A Jury In Oregon Has Awarded $6 Million: A jury in Oregon has decided in favor of employees of Jack in the Box who had filed a class action lawsuit accusing the fast food giant of years of wage theft. The claim was filed by employees in the state of Oregon. After being argued in court for the previous twelve years, the issue was finally resolved on Monday in the United States District Court for the District of Oregon.

According to Jon Egan, an attorney representing the six employees who initially filed the lawsuit against Jack in the Box in 2010, “We are glad to finally win some justice on behalf of the 5,000 Oregon workers that Jack in the Box was nickel-and-diming throughout the course of their whole employment.”

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According to Egan, each of those 5,000 workers will soon receive a cheque in the mail with their share of the $6,385,179, along with a sizeable amount of interest, which was awarded by the court.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys contended that Jack in the Box unlawfully deducted an excessive amount from their workers’ paychecks, did not provide adequate rest breaks for workers, and did not pay overtime wages. The jury was of the same opinion.

A few key moments from the trial that lasted for six days are as follows: An attorney representing Jack in the Box named David Symes speculated in opening remarks that employees may have been taking rest periods that were shorter than those that were mandated because they “wanted to come to support their pals.” He considered it “so unfortunate, what a shame” that they had complained.

During the course of the trial, Wendy Sanderlin, the director of payroll operations for Jack in the Box, admitted that the firm had discovered the mistake in withholding and corrected it, but that the employees were never compensated for their time and effort.

A Jury In Oregon Has Awarded $6 Million
A Jury In Oregon Has Awarded $6 Million

In the lawsuit, the company’s specialized slip-resistant shoes were also a point of contention. Jack in the Box had ordered that their employees buy custom shoes from a select group of vendors in an effort to cut down on the number of worker compensation claims they received. Their paychecks were reduced by the amount that was due. Following this, Jack in the Box received a $2 kickback from specific vendors.

Because of the case, those payments, which are referred to as “commercial bribes” in the legal complaint, will be reimbursed to the employees who were given them.

Jack in the Box has already made many payments totaling multiple millions of dollars in response to wage fraud charges brought against the company in 2018. In June, it made a payment of $50 million to settle a legal dispute in the state of California.

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