The Latest Poll Shows Who Is Most Likely To Win Between Biden And Trump 2.0

According to the most recent poll by The Hill and Emerson University Polling, if the 2020 Presidential election were held today, former Republican President Donald Trump would have a 7-point advantage over Democrat Joe Biden.

This is a significant improvement over the previous Emerson Poll of the rematch, which showed Biden to be three points ahead.

This may also be the case since, despite numerous inaccurate media reports to the contrary, every poll we could find showed President Biden’s national approval rating staying below 40%, varying between 36% and 39%.

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All of these recent polls, conducted within the last week by Emerson, Monmouth, Reuters, New York Times/Sienna, and Trafalgar Group, indicate that Biden’s approval rating is at or below 40% nationwide. This stands in stark contrast to recent media stories that claimed his popularity was surging, which is why we have supplied links directly to each survey so there can be no doubt about the accuracy of our reporting on the matter.

Additionally, the President’s disapproval rating has been progressively rising in each of those polls, including the most recent Emerson/Hill poll.

With so many shifting variables at play, it is obviously hard to predict elections, but one thing is certain: as the November 8th midterm election day approaches, the outlook isn’t looking good for Democrats.

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