Two High School Players From Oregon Became The First In History To Sign Deals Under Their Names

People gather to watch Jackson Shelstad play basketball whenever he is on the court. The senior point guard from West Linn High School is on his way to great things in the future. In the upcoming academic year, he will be attending the University of Oregon; nevertheless, this week, he will be going to the bank.

On Thursday, Shelstad and Sofia Bell, who was also a standout basketball player at Jesuit High School and is committed to the University of Oregon, inked name, image, and likeness (NIL) contracts with Portland Gear.

They are the first high school students in the state of Oregon to do that since the Oregon School Activities Association provided clarification on its rules regarding NIL earlier this month.

Marcus Harvey, the owner of Portland Gear, expressed his company’s desire to “get in.” “We had the opportunity to do a fun little deal with them, and we felt it would be wonderful to be the first to do so.”

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Harvey did not squander any time in bringing the website for Portland Gear up to date. The names Shelstad and Bell’s new custom T-shirts, together with their jersey numbers and Portland Gear’s signature “P,” are now displayed on the home page of the website.

Harvey explained that the agreement provides both students with monetary and product benefits, while also benefiting Portland Gear in some way.

“For us it’s authentic, these are local kids who have grown up and played basketball here,” said Harvey. “For them, it’s just another game.” “Telling this narrative is not only entertaining, but it also helps to amplify both of their voices. They get to rock our clothing and show it off with pride, and we get the opportunity to hook them up with some fantastic products.

Two High School Players From Oregon
Two High School Players From Oregon

Shelstad stated that he is ecstatic to be a part of the NIL arrangement and to be able to represent himself and benefit from his accomplishments in this manner. He claimed that he is happy to be a part of the deal.

According to Shelstad, “Kids younger than me who are looking up will hopefully see that I’m doing it and that they can do it too; all they have to do is work hard.” “All I want to do is represent my state,” she said.

There are approximately 20 states in the United States, and Oregon is now one of them. These states allow high school students to make money off of their name, image, and likeness.

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This past week, the OSAA held a referendum to change its regulations, making it explicit that students in Oregon are no longer prohibited from engaging in that activity.

According to Peter Weber, the Executive Director of the OSAA, “It’s a shift, that’s for sure, and it’s a major one.” He made it clear that students are not allowed to use the name or logo of their school in anything that they support, and that there are limitations on how much they can be paid.

“You are aware that the compensation cannot be, for instance, reliant on a certain sports performance; for instance, if you score this many points, you will receive this from NIL. This is not permissible.”

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