Recent Rain Has Helped With Smoke And Bad Air Quality, But It’s Still Anticipated To Be A Concern Going Forward

Smoke from wildfires drastically decreased the air quality throughout much of Oregon during the summer and fall of this year. Due to the high levels of air pollution caused by smoking, many pupils were not permitted to take breaks or play outside during the school day.

The Oregon Health Authority offers advice to individuals and school districts that are attempting to determine what degree of exposure is considered to be safe. Even though the rain has finally brought some relief, concerns over how to respond to the poor quality of the air will only become more pressing in the years to come.

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Our guests today are Carl Mead, Deputy Superintendent of Operations and Support Services for the Beaverton School District, Gabriele Goldfarb, Manager of the Environmental Public Health Section at the Oregon Health Authority, and Molly Kile, Professor in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University.

Recent Rain Has Helped With Smoke And Bad Air Quality
Recent Rain Has Helped With Smoke And Bad Air Quality

We explore the effects that secondhand smoke has on the lungs of young people, as well as the factors that go into the decisions that need to be made by schools and health authorities.

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